INTRODUCING: SHUTTER HUB Membership Bursary Recipients 2021

© Christian Jago

We have always worked really hard to make sure that things are as affordable and attainable as possible for photographers, and that we work together as a community to support and share.

In response to the COVID-19 situation we gave away Shutter Hub memberships in April 2020, and we were pleased to be able to give more away this year, too.

Our membership has always been heavily subsidised by our own income* (we receive no external grants or funding), allowing each member to access over £1000 worth of services, it’s something we are really proud to be able to offer.


We’d like to introduce you to the photographers who were recently successfully awarded our 2021 Shutter Hub Membership Bursary, and share their feedback on how they’re going to make the most of it, below.


Capella Buncher, David Copeland, Silvia Gentili, Joseph Horton, Christian Jago, Deb Leal, Zula Rabikowska and Adriana G. Torres have all been welcomed into the Shutter Hub community.


© Capella Buncher

“I am so excited to have received the Shutter Hub bursary! Shutter Hub seems to be a place of great support, community and opportunity, which can feel like a rare combination in the industry sometimes. I’m intending to use the bursary to aid a new project I am wanting to start, so portfolio reviews, Shutter Hub surgery and the general support and networking the Shutter Hub fosters will be invaluable!”

Capella Buncher


© David Copeland

“I am pleased and excited to have received a Shutter Hub bursary. A perfect platform to help me grow as an artist and provide me with opportunities that will help develop my photographic practice, network with others in similar situations and introduce me to a platform of experienced curators, photographers and creatives.

I am very keen to expand my artistic practice and expose it to a more experienced and diverse audience that will challenge the work and provide constructive feedback. I know that Shutter Hub and the mentorship of others connected to it will be invaluable.

I have followed and admired many of the photographers already represented by Shutter Hub and seen how their work has developed and grown through the Shutter Hub platform giving me hope of making similar inroads into the sector and experience some of the opportunities that have helped many others before.”

David Copeland


Photograph of a naked person face down on the floor in a plank position with their dark hair covering the orange object upon which their face is resting.

© Silvia Gentili

“I am delighted to receive the membership bursary and to be part of the Shutter Hub community. Shutter Hub has been an incredible source of energy and inspiration during the pandemic. It helped me to stay connected and motivated. Especially the Lunch Breaks allowed me to get to know the peer community and to share knowledge on many topics that gave me a clear idea of where I stand with my practice, of my strengths and weaknesses and what to do to move forward. I’ll definitely make the most out of the many useful resources that Shutter Hub offers, such as portfolio review, the shutter hub surgery, and entering call for entries.”

Silvia Gentili


Photograph of an old red Mercedes in a field

© Joseph Horton

“Community is at the heart of the Shutter Hub model and something I was really drawn to. Sharing knowledge and information as a collective whole and creating an inclusive atmosphere for all. Being part of Shutter Hub means that I can expand my network and meet new and interesting people all of whom share these values. I’m really excited to see how this year with such a community develops and the added opportunities that I will be exposed to. Having graduated from my MA in photography in 2020, right before the pandemic, it feels like such a good time to be involved with reaching out and connecting to others.” 

Joseph Horton


© Christian Jago

“I am extremely humbled and grateful for have been chosen for a membership bursary. Shutter Hub is a wonderful, hardworking organisation that has already done so much to support me as an artist. Having my work selected by them for the YEARBOOK 100 publication in 2020 was a moment I will never forget, and this is no different. I feel privileged to become a part of their community, and I am excited to connect with and be inspired by their phenomenally talented members.

My practice centres around constructing fantastical worlds – I am fascinated in the ability of fantasy to inspire different meanings, experiences and interpretations for an individual. I am also in the final year of my MA in Photography Arts with the University of Westminster. It will be invaluably motivating and encouraging for me to be a part of Shutter Hub as I leave that creative environment.

I am really looking forward to making use of the monthly member surgery, especially as I am working to complete a new body of work. Having the opportunity to discuss work and receive feedback is so important, and difficult to come by outside of the education environment. I am also very intrigued by their quarterly mentorships, networking and professional development events. Navigating the world as an artist of any discipline is not easy, and so these kinds of opportunities are so important.”

Christian Jago


© Deb Leal

“This past year and change shook the foundation of which so many creatives stood, and for how terrifying and detrimental that has been for working artists, I’ve felt the sense of determination fortify. I’ve understood for some time that there’s no one way to the artist’s path besides having trust in oneself as you strengthen bonds with those around you; what drew me initially to portrait photography was the communion shared in that moment. For how much trust is necessary in oneself to continue making work, sometimes you need a little assistance along the way. Time is valuable (especially as we play “catch-up” post-quarantine), so I’m incredibly thankful for the tailored selection of opportunities and portfolio reviews that are available to the Shutter Hub community. I’m also really looking forward to getting to know other members and the interests which drive the work that they make! There’s so much that can be learned by sharing one’s work; it’s quite intimate. Thank you so much!”

Deb Leal


© Zula Rabikowska

“I am really excited to have been awarded the Shutter Hub bursary this year. I can’t wait to use it to connect with the wider Shutter Hub community and make the most of the events, I’ve booked in for the lunch break later this month, and looking forward to the next photo surgery.”

Zula Rabikowska


© Adriana G. Torres

“I am thrilled and grateful to receive the Shutter Hub membership bursary, which will allow me to access the expert advice, portfolio reviews, open calls and opportunities that it provides regularly.

Being part of the Shutter Hub community will be a valuable tool for growth, promotion and a great platform to receive and give feedback on projects. I am also excited to hear more about the work and ideas of other photographers as this can help me get a fresh creative perspective and produce stronger work.”

Adriana G. Torres



Our membership has always been heavily subsidised by our own income* (we receive no external grants or funding), allowing each member to access over £1000 worth of services, it’s something we are really proud to be able to offer.

For those who aren’t Shutter Hub members we have, and always will, provide free content on our award winning blog – we share knowledge, opportunities, advice, behind the scenes projects, and much more. We also send out regular newsletters to our mailing list (sign up here), and you can keep in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter.

In 2016 we set up the Camera Amnesty, our appeal to help homeless photographers get hold of your unwanted cameras and photography equipment. We’ve created free exhibitions, free opportunities, and freedom to share, wherever we can. We believe in collaborating and making a positive impact within the industry.

We will continue to do what we can, and hope these bursaries, along with everything else we do, will be of some help and support in this unsettled time.


*This bursary is funded by Shutter Hub income, sponsorship and donations. We receive no externals grants or funding.

If think you could help us fund an extra membership, please make a donation here, thank you.



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