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Shutter Hub is a photography organisation providing opportunities, support and networking for creative photographers worldwide. We work hard to make sure all our members get the best from their membership by providing the following benefits:

  • Online Portfolio: Showcase your photography with your own portfolio and personalised URL on the Shutter Hub website. Have a look at our Photographers page to see how they look!
  • PR & Publicity: We love sharing good news and promoting our members’ updates and achievements through features on our blog, in our newsletter, press releases and on social media – so keep us updated with your new work, upcoming exhibitions, awards and other photography news, and we’ll help spread the word.
  • Exhibitions: We organise shows in galleries and exhibition spaces across the UK and internationally. We subsidise the costs for our members, and promote the exhibitions widely within the photographic community and global media. These exhibitions are always really well attended – particularly our buzzing private views!
  • Portfolio Reviews: All Shutter Hub members are invited to have one free online portfolio review and get tailored feedback and support from the Shutter Hub team.  There’s the option to buy more if you wish.
  • The Shutter Hub Surgery: Each month Shutter Hub members can book a 20 minute time slot and ask an expert for advice, run ideas past us, or just check in for a chat over a video call, so that you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to connect.
  • Opportunities: Only members can access our Opportunities section, which is carefully selected and frequently updated with competitions, jobs, exhibition and learning opportunities that we think will be of genuine interest and benefit to you.
  • Awards: We offer a range of awards through the year, including our OPEN exhibition Best in Show, FORMAT Festival Shutter Hub Portfolio Prize and the Shutter Hub PHOTOMASTERS Award.
  • Commissioning: We connect members with potential clients through our networks, and also commission them for photography, exhibition support, design, project management and more.
  • Shutter Hub Logo: You can embed your own Shutter Hub member logo to add to your website and/or blog so your visitors can see that you are part of a respected organisation in the photographic industry.
  • Networking: It’s important to build relationships and connect with each other in the real world, as well as online. Whether it’s meeting up at an event, exhibition, or coffee shop (and sometimes for a pub lunch) we love getting to know our members and collaborating with other organisations to make sure we continue to grow our strong and supportive community.
  • Newsletter: Calls for exhibition entries, invitations, news, opportunities and useful information, all in your inbox once a month (and sometimes more if it’s something time sensitive we think you need to know about).
  • Mentorships: Shutter Hub members can apply for one of our quarterly mentorships and receive intensive support for a specific project or career development. Find out how to apply here.
  • Support: Supporting photographers is exactly what we’re here for – we help our members achieve their goals by offering a comprehensive and high quality service designed to meet their needs. More than that, we invite everyone to be part of a friendly, positive and supportive community. We’re always here to support our members, answer questions and find ways to help them progress.
  • Supporting others, too: We are dedicated to creating fair access to photography, making a positive impact within the industry and opening up opportunities for everyone – be it though our Membership Bursary Awards, Camera Amnesty Projects, or other Shutter Hub projects. Being part of our community enables you to make more of a difference too.

Want to know more? Check our FAQs or get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to know more about.

We bring photographers together to be part of something positive and supportive. We’d love you to get involved – join now!


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