We’re really proud of the community we have created and the opportunities we have been able to provide. Here’s what some of our members and partners have to say about Shutter Hub:


“Shutter Hub membership includes a portfolio review, and it by far exceeded my expectations.  As a relative new comer to the world of Fine Art Photography, there are still elements of self-about, but Karen immediately banished these, and filled me with confidence that my work is valid.  She also gave me an incredible number of ideas of how to promote my work, one of which I executed that day leading to an immediate sale.  After our conversation and Karen’s infectious energy, I am now excited to really focus on my fine art work and put in place some more of her suggestions. “

Emma Harris, Photographer


“I joined Shutter Hub as a member a year after graduating from college. Like many other photographers, the beginning of your career involves finding your place within photography. This can be daunting as the world of photography is big and being young also means that you aren’t always taken seriously. Shutter Hub has members from many different walks of life, at different ages and different points of their careers. This creates a safe environment where people are interested in learning from and using their knowledge to help each other out. The open calls and opportunities for portfolio reviews as well as sharing of good news are very valuable for supporting photographers in their projects and work.”

Astrid Robertsson, Photographer


“Honestly, I’ve benefited so much from my Shutter Hub Membership since I joined a little over a year ago.  I had a great chat with Karen about my project, I’ve attended loads of the talks and I’ve successfully applied to several of the opportunities listed on the website. And all within such a supportive community. It’s been brilliant!”

Elizabeth Woodger, Photographer


“The mentor session was fantastic. We had some great conversations and I’m feeling very motivated to carry out the action points discussed. As I am super new to the world of fine art photography, Karen’s insistence (and validation of my work so far) to get out of my own way, put more energy into the art side of things, and dive in is exactly what I needed to hear at this junction. I don’t think I could’ve landed in a more aligned photography community if I tried.”

Tyler Burke, Photographer


“The opportunity is, for me, a game changer that creates a closer connection to my most passionate interest to develop further and better my photography skills around the world. I want to be able to create connections, work closer with experts and drive and be an example for underserved minorities around the field to show that there should not be limitations to pursue what makes you really happy and complete.

My high education was not around Arts, so finding this opportunity proves that there is no limit on what you truly believe you can achieve.”

Juan Obando, Photographer


“Looking back at 2021, one event stands out for me as the most impactful of all – meeting Karen from Shutter Hub at Format21 portfolio reviews. This changed the course of the whole year for me, I am not exaggerating. The Shutter Hub Award was a huge help that opened many doors and made such enormous difference. There was a real spark in our conversation and being able to connect instantly to someone like Karen gave me the confidence I needed. It lifted me up and gave me courage to go ahead and do other things: try and experiment, play and make mistakes, win and lose, but not feel put down by the low moments and not get too carried away by the highs. I am in a different place (literally and metaphorically!) now – a stronger, safer and kinder place because of this and the decision to give me an award and introduce me to Shutter Hub, a network akin a family circle, full of friendly and kind people.”

Anna Sellen, Photographer


I am so grateful to be a member of Shutter Hub and plan to continue being one for the rest of my practice! Shutter Hub gave me my very first opportunity with YEARBOOK 2020 and I will never forget that. I remember sitting in a park in the midst of Covid-19 when I got the email saying I would be included in the publication. I will always remember how I felt that day – absolutely elated with joy! This recognition really spurred me on. I’m still trying to figure out how to position myself in the world of photography but with your support I feel I can do it. Thank you!

Christian Jago, Photographic Artist


“The first exhibition I had with Shutter Hub at the Truman Brewery was a turning point for me and my career. That was the first occasion in which my work was selected to be part of an exhibition that didn’t involve the ‘nepotism’ of university shows. Having Shutter Hub pick my images gave me a surge of confidence, exhibiting with them allowed me to access larger audiences and becoming a member connected me with an inspiring community of creatives and an exciting network of professional opportunities.

On top of that, an amazing team runs the whole thing. They are kind, funny and warm, so different to the rigid pretentiousness I was expecting from a platform as prestigious. And maybe that is the most important thing of all, Shutter Hub really cares about you and your growth as an image-maker.”

Marisol Mendez, Photographer


“Shutter Hub is wonderful, providing exhibition opportunities, excellent support and enthusiasm for photography in all its forms”

Sarah Hannant, Photographer 


“Collaborating with Shutter Hub has come very naturally and easy to us, they are a fantastic team who support photography with great enthusiasm.When first meeting Karen at our Fujifilm Factory in Tilburg, we could have talked forever about photography and Original Photo Paper. It was very exciting to witness the joy in her eyes when walking through our factory. For us, as Fujifilm employees, our factory is a fantastic innovative site where we work daily, however Karen saw the beauty in our production.

Producing the prints for Shutter Hub’s ”Postcards Great Britain” and seeing the opening event was fantastic. As Original Photo Paper we often visit trade shows and exhibitions. However, this exhibition felt very personal and it was a great meeting place for everyone involved in photography.”

Judith van Linden, Fujifilm


“It’s been a pleasure to be a member of Shutter Hub and have the opportunity to connect with fellow photographers and creatives both through exciting exhibitions and the Shutter Hub surgeries. As a result of these opportunities, I was invited to talk about my work at London Institute of Photography, which brought a lot of attention to my practice and attracted people to attend the workshops that I run in my studio.

I came across the platform through a friend who took part in one of their exhibitions and recommended that I attend a portfolio review, which turned out to be very inspiring, so I decided to join. One thing has lead to another, and thanks to my involvement with Shutter Hub I have since been offered an exhibition at Gallery at Home.

Shutter Hub is a one-of-a-kind community that supports its members in the full meaning of the word. I hope I will be able to give back some of what I’ve received, and will continue being a member for years to come.”

Magda Kuca, Photographer


“It was through a passing remark that I heard about Shutter Hub and as passing remarks go, it couldn’t have been more valuable. No sooner had I looked at the website and seen the opportunities available, I responded to two of the open calls and became a member. I heard back immediately and was delighted to be a part of two wonderful exhibitions- HOME and STREET / FORM. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I have subsequently had work accepted for two other exhibitions, created my first online portfolio and had a wonderfully constructive surgery slot which enabled me to turn around a project when I was struggling to find the right direction. I love being part of this community and am so grateful for all the opportunities it provides. I can’t recommend Shutter Hub highly enough.”

Naomi James, Photographer


“One of the reasons I continue to be a Shutter Hub member is that they support every part of my photography practice with the same enthusiasm I have for the craft itself. Photography can be very much a solitary thing, but when I do have some news to share, the Shutter Hub team is incredibly helpful and generous. Several times now, they’ve used their network to amplify and promote my exhibitions and charity work, helping me reach a broader, more international audience of peers and potential collaborators than I could on my own.”

Phil Harvey, Photographer


“By exploring the various relationships photographers can have with their street surroundings, Shutter Hub added a whole new dimension of urban contemporary art to our festival. Some of the photos seemed to suggest an entire story within a single image, and the way they were grouped together only added on to that experience. POW! WOW! Rotterdam and Shutter Hub was a great partnership!”

Dave Vanderheijden, Festival Director, Pow! Wow! Rotterdam


“Last year I came to see a Shutter Hub exhibition because I had some friends who were exhibiting their work in it. I was struck with how vibrant the room was and was smitten by the newspaper print on the walls. It is a brilliant way to show work without costing the exhibitors huge sums – and it looks good too! It must have been the next morning that I joined Shutter Hub and since that time I have been exhibited twice with them. It’s always been a pleasure to be part of the Shutter Hub community and it has opened my eyes to how rewarding collaborations are. I will continue to enjoy being part of this positive inclusive initiative which enables photographers of all genres to exhibit their work together and to celebrate our achievements with pride.”

Nicola Morley, Photographer


“I first heard about Shutter Hub during the opening year of my BA course in Edinburgh, where Shutter Hub had organised their OPEN exhibition as part of the Retina Photography Festival that year.

Since then I have been an active member of tShutter Hub, with many of my images featured in galleries around the UK and beyond, in London, Cambridge, Amsterdam to name but a few! I have been a featured artist in the Shutter Hub newsletters and website, as well as recent image in a Loupe Magazine feature on Shutter Hub. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me to reach out to a much larger audience than I could ever manage on my own, and the kind support and encouragement really does mean the world to me!

At such a critical stage of my photographic career, it is invaluable for me to have a strong professional network behind me, and Shutter Hub has been and continues to be a very important part of this process.”

Gavin Smart, Photographer


“It’s been a pleasure to partner with Shutter Hub for a few exciting exhibitions over the past year. They first approached us in 2018 with an innovative idea for London Photomonth: to display 220 images, created by 150 photographers, on newsprint posters.

It was the first time our newspapers had been used for an exhibition like that and the response was fantastic. We’ve since printed newspaper posters for Shutter Hub shows in Amsterdam and Cambridge and people have really responded to this new, democratic way of showcasing images.

It’s also been a great opportunity to connect with Shutter Hub’s global community of photographers, who have come to us with other brilliant printing projects. We look forward to continuing to our collaboration with Shutter Hub!”

Newspaper Club  


“I love Shutter Hub, could not wish to be part of a better collective. I really do feel I’ve found my tribe here.”

Janet Lees, Photographer


“I first came across Shutter Hub when working on the PR for FORMAT17 and can’t believe I didn’t know about their great work before then. I’ve worked in photography for years and here I’ve found a genuinely engaged and accessible online community. I work on my own (both as a PR for photography and artist) and realise how important such communities can be for support especially as so many of us now work in isolation. In addition to this, the writing on the blog is informed and intelligent – I salute you Shutter Hub!”

Eleanor Macnair, Communications Consultant  


“I love being part of the Shutter Hub community. As a photographer you operate mostly on your own, becoming a member of Shutter Hub has given me a sense of being part of a really supportive group of photographers. The team have created so many opportunities since I became a member last year, and visiting a number of the private views has given me the chance to meet the team in person and other photographers involved with Shutter Hub. I just feel the Shutter Hub team is always there, in the background, when I need them, and for that I am thankful. I am looking forward to progressing my photographic career with the support of Shutter Hub.”

Marianne Van Loo, Photographer


“Joining Shutter Hub has literally been the best thing I’ve ever done! I’ve never felt so supported, welcomed and positive about my work. In the short time since I’ve joined I’ve had incredible opportunities, information and successes that have been invaluable and have boosted my confidence enormously. Not to mention the portfolio review which was full of excellent feedback which I have already used to take my work further. On top of this, I am hugely inspired by the incredibly talented photographers whose work I am seeing which drives me to continue creating endlessly! Can’t believe what I’ve achieved in such a short space of time.”

Nicola Parry, Photographer


“The whole Shutter Hub team have a genuine warmth and openness that make them a pleasure to work with. Their determination to help photographers progress their careers is clear, and providing support for members to form connections and exhibit work seems like an excellent way to do so.”

Rachael Burns, Curator


“My first contact with Shutter Hub was at a portfolio review. I got great feedback with excellent expertise. When my photobook “Wild West” was released Shutter Hub did a tremendous job in promoting my work for which I am very thankful. They also offer great opportunities for members to exhibit their work. All in all, Shutter Hub is invaluable to anyone interested in photography.”

Joachim Hildebrand, Photographer


“The best thing about Shutter Hub is the sense of community and ‘togetherness’ that I’m sure is attributed to the team of people working there, who have clear goals to provide a professional, apporachable and very usable platform for photographers to find out whats going on out there. I particularly like the way that photogrpahers work is promoted across their social media channels as it’s delivered well without being too shouty. With a platform so easy to navigate I find myself using it more and more!”

Michael Whelan, Photographer


“As an older female working in photography I sometimes feel “invisible in plain sight” and the significant role of social media required in one’s own marketing, means another layer of work that an artist has to undertake. The connections Shutter Hub offers photographers allows more time to actually make more photographs. I don’t believe we have anything as “open to all” as Shutter Hub in Australia. Thank you for taking my work to a larger audience.”

Chris Byrnes, Photographer


“Shutter Hub is a lovely and supportive environment for photographers from all walks of life. They offer an inclusive and encouraging space to be part of and run lots of great events and exhibitions. They have promoted my work when it has been on in various places and been first to congratulate me on my successes. What a nice bunch of people!”

Margaret Mitchell, Photographer


“Shutter Hub is an invaluable platform for photographers – and anyone interested in photography – that organises brilliant exhibitions, meet-ups and events and provides great online content that includes helpful tips, reviews, open calls and members’ portfolios and news. Shutter Hub has been incredibly supportive since I joined, by promoting my work on their website and sharing my news widely on social media. I really appreciate all the hard work that Shutter Hub does and can’t think of any other organisation quite like it.”

Dafna Talmor, Artist


“My whole outlook on photography has changed since coming into contact with Shutter Hub. I’ve been given amazing opportunities to exhibit my work in places I would never have imagined and been offered opportunities I would never have predicted”

Justin Carey, Photographer


“Shutter Hub are more to Accumulate than a network, they provide knowledge and guidance and go out of their way to help advise and steer us in relation to the content and planning of our photography workshops for people affected by homelessness. They have surpassed my expectations in the amount of support they have given Accumulate, a total gift of knowledge, connections and expertise!”

Marice Cumber, Director, Accumulate


“Being part of Shutter Hub has definitely contributed to my professional development and raised my profile as an artist. Thanks to my growing CV of exhibitions and having an online gallery of my work via the website, I’ve recently been awarded a grant from the Richard Coward Photography Foundation to further develop my knowledge and skills of historic alternative processes. I’d encourage anyone wanting to progress and develop as a photographer to join Shutter Hub – I’ve benefited enormously from being part of a friendly, supportive and professional community.”

Jo Stapleton, Photographer


“Shutter Hub is the first outside organisation we have worked with to curate an exhibition from an open call. The behind the scene submission and selection process was very smooth and professional, and the caliber of works submitted very high. It was a pleasure to work with Shutter Hub and we are delighted to work with them again in the near future towards another photographic exhibition.”

Judith Weik, Exhibitions Coordinator, Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge


“Being a member of Shutter Hub has given me numerous opportunities to take part in interesting group exhibitions where I’ve met other photographers and learned about their work. The 2018 Borders exhibition opening party was a fun and informal event which really helped to build relationships, and I’m incredibly thankful to Shutter Hub for using my work to promote the show as this definitely raised my profile.

Shutter Hub and its team are very supportive of members, promoting their individual endeavours and achievements to an international audience through their good news roundups and must see exhibitions reviews, as well as providing useful tips and advice through their regular blog posts. This has all helped to encourage and motivate me, and fostered a sense of being part of something bigger than just my own individual practice.”

Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Photographer


“In recent years the South Holland Open Arts exhibition has benefited from the support of Shutter Hub who have provided a prize for Best Photography. Having the support of Shutter Hub has been fantastic for raising the profile of the exhibition and we are extremely grateful for their sponsorship of a prize which has enabled the exhibition to attract a high standard of photographic entries.”

Rachel Rowett, Community Development Manager, South Holland


“I took the opportunity of participating in the BORDERS exhibition and became a member of Shutter Hub. This exhibition exceeded my expectations and I was very happy to meet the very dedicated women of the Shutter Hub team. Shutter Hub offers members a great platform to present themselves with portfolios and current works. I especially like the ‘Close Up’ feature on the blog. I look forward to an exciting future with Shutter Hub.”

Ruth Stoltenberg, Photographer


“I had been aware of Shutter Hub for some time, but my first experience of them was when I saw their exhibition at the Truman Brewery in 2018. I knew quite a few photographers who were in the exhibition and I was very impressed with the quality of the work on display and the care that had gone into the installation of the images.

I joined at the end of last year and had work selected for the Everything I Ever Learnt exhibition that Shutter Hub curated for Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge. Once again the grouping of work on display was thoughtful and the quality of photography was high. I’m impressed with how inclusive and professional the organisation is and also how friendly and welcoming. I had heard very positive things before joining and this has completely been my experience as well. I would certainly recommend that other photographers join and support Shutter Hub and be a part of their community.”

Mandy Williams, Photographer 


“It’s difficult to find the words to say how much Shutter Hub means to me: it has truly changed my life. I’m dyslexic and technophobic, and when I bought my first digital camera, it lived in a drawer for nearly six months. I signed up for a digital workshop where my work wasn’t valued, and as a result I never showed my images to anyone else for several years.

I booked a place on a Shutter Hub portfolio review without having any high expectations. I was so wrong: 5 minutes into our session, they identified themes and continuities which I hadn’t seen in my own work. They were so encouraging and made it clear that my methods were legitimate and suited my subject matter. Ever since then, the Shutter Hub team has supported me in so many ways, from answering questions, to making suggestions and helping me gain confidence in my own process through entering exhibitions.

I’ve also been feasting my eyes on the fascinating, varied, and often stunning work of other Shutter Hub members, and this in itself has been an amazing experience, as I’ve found such passionate engagement in members’ work, and I’m thrilled to be part of this. Going to that portfolio review and joining Shutter Hub was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Susan Bittker, Photographer