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Shutter Hub created an Annual Sponsorship Programme to invite businesses to get involved with the work we do, and offer support and exchange. Our goal is to develop networks, strengthen connections, provide relevant information, and make more good things happen! Building these connections not only helps with funding, but enables us to widen our horizons and bring people together from all sections of the industry for a positive impact.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Newspaper Club.

You probably already know Newspaper Club, since 2018 they’ve been supporting our exhibitions and printing beautiful things such as the Shutter Hub OPEN 2018, STREET /FORM, and EVERYTHING I EVER LEARNT. We absolutely love working with them and producing democratic exhibitions that have low environmental impact. For years they’ve quietly worked hard to maintain their green credentials, but we thought it would be good to share more about that here, with you.



At Newspaper Club it’s our mission to make newspaper printing more accessible to everyone. We’ve loved working with Shutter Hub to share democratic exhibitions in nontraditional spaces, from the streets of Rotterdam to the walls of a community centre in Camden.


A Shutter Hub exhibition with POW! WOW! Rotterdam. Photograph by Jayne Lloyd.


As well as making newsprint more accessible, we work to make it as sustainable and responsible as possible. It’s something our customers care about deeply (and write to us about often!) and we conduct our business with sustainability at top of mind.

So, here’s what we do:

We source all of our materials responsibly. Our papers are sourced from sustainably managed forests and producers that have met a strict set of environmental and socially responsible standards. You can read about the specific environmental certificates for each paper on our Environment page or get in touch with us to learn more.

Our digitally printed newspapers use toner made with 100% certified green energy and contained in fully recyclable containers. It is free from solvents and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), is odourless and food-approved. It is also de-inkable, meaning the newspaper can be completely recycled to create fresh newsprint.

Our traditionally printed newspapers use standard coldset web offset inks made by SunChemical. As there are no vegetable inks developed for newspaper presses these are oil-based inks. They are VOC-free.

We use renewable energy. The solar panels at our print warehouse generate over 100MWh of electricity per year, producing enough power to print all of our newspapers.

We’re working towards eliminating all plastic packaging from our deliveries. We’ve trialed this with digital orders in the UK by removing plastic wrap, strap and packing tape. Soon, we’ll be doing this with our digital orders worldwide.

Printing newspapers can produce waste as we often run tests to get the best results, but we keep this as limited as possible, and we reuse and recycle all waste paper produced by printing test copies.


© Newspaper Club

© Newspaper Club

© Newspaper Club

We’re always trying to further reduce our environmental impact, and would love to hear from you if you have ideas around sustainability. We’re also happy to answer any questions that aren’t addressed here and you can reach us at



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Newspaper Club.

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