Everything I Ever Learnt: Harena Now © Josie Purcell

That image reminds me of something. It ignites a small flame that lights my way through the filing system of my mind. It brings me eventually to the hint of a memory, and that memory guides my interpretation of the image, influences my reaction, connects my thoughts and feelings, and threads them together, binding them into a new collection, to be drawn upon the next time something familiar arises.

Everything I have seen, felt, remembered,
everything, influences and informs every thought I will ever have.

Almost 100 photographers came together to show the world through their eyes in this Shutter Hub and Art at the ARB exhibition at the University of Cambridge.



Installation & Launch Night Photographs

Full exhibition catalogue and artists statements

EIEL Symposium at Cambridge University

Q&A with Shutter Hub Director Karen Harvey by Judith Weik: Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Cambridge.

More information on the exhibition, the exhibitors and the concept: EVERYTHING I EVER LEARNT: Shutter Hub Exhibition at Cambridge University