CAMERA AMNESTY PROJECTS: Kreative Foundation’s BIG PICTURE Club, Kenya

© BIG PICTURE Club Initiative

Through our Camera Amnesty Projects, we’re pleased to be able to support the Kreative Foundation and their BIG PICTURE Club initiative by providing photography equipment. Their program for disadvantaged and at-risk youths creates a safe and supportive learning environment and fosters creativity and innovation by teaching young people the skills of photography, providing a sense of purpose, improved confidence and self-esteem, and new life skills.

Charles Gathingira, Creative Director of Kreative Foundation writes to tell us how working together has made a difference and shares a selection of images captured by the group using the donated equipment. 


On behalf of the Kreative Foundation, I wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your invaluable contribution to our BigPicture Club initiative. Thanks to the unwavering support of Shutter Hub, we have made our vision a reality and have achieved remarkable milestones that have left a lasting impact on the marginalized youth in our community.

© BIG PICTURE Club Initiative

We successfully launched our inaugural BigPicture Club initiative, which centers on imparting life skills through the art of photography. The program was specifically designed to empower disadvantaged youths aged 12 to 17, and we are thrilled to share the profound impact it has had.

In the heart of one of Kenya’s most remote Maasai communities, located a challenging 124 kilometers away from Nairobi, we were able to engage with a group of 15 enthusiastic teenagers. The support from Camera Amnesty Projects not only facilitated their learning of photography but also equipped them with essential life skills that are vital for a brighter future.

These life skills included:

  • Focus, Concentration, and Patience: Through the lens, they learned the power of unwavering focus and patience in capturing significant moments.
  • Communication: Photography served as a universal language, enhancing their communication skills and bridging cultural barriers.
  • Composition: They honed their creativity and attention to detail, mastering the art of composing compelling images.
  • Teamwork: Collaborative photo projects fostered teamwork, teaching them the value of cooperation and shared achievement.
  • Leadership: Nurturing budding leaders, our program empowered them to take charge of their creative endeavors.
  • Fun: Amidst the learning, they discovered the joy and satisfaction that can be found in the creative process.
  • Creative Thinking: Photography encouraged them to think outside the box and approach challenges with innovative solutions.
  • BigPicture Thinking: They developed a broader perspective on life, understanding the power of vision and long-term goals.


© BIG PICTURE Club Initiative

© BIG PICTURE Club Initiative

Through the lens of photography, these young minds have unlocked a world of possibilities, and it is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge Shutter Hub’s pivotal role in this endeavour. Your support has not only impacted individual lives but has also enriched our entire community. The seeds of creativity, empowerment, and personal growth that you’ve helped sow will continue to flourish, creating a ripple effect of positive change for years to come.

Your generosity has ignited a spark of inspiration in these youths, and together, we are shaping a brighter future.


Thank you to everyone who supports our Camera Amnesty Projects. Please know that your kindness is appreciated and that we are very grateful for your involvement.

Do you have some unwanted photography equipment you could donate? Be part of the work we’re doing with Camera Amnesty and donate it. You can find out how to donate here. If you need equipment for yourself, or for someone else, find out more here.



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