Camera Amnesty Project – Request Equipment

If you are an individual, charity or organisation in need of photography equipment and would like to apply for support from Camera Amnesty Projects please get in touch using the form below.

By accepting equipment from Shutter Hub Camera Amnesty Projects you agree to us sharing information about the donation publicly. We share information regarding where the donated equipment goes for transparency and for promotion, to ensure we can continue to support others in the future.

Camera Amnesty Project - Request Equipment
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Point and shoot? SLR? Please try to be as descriptive as possible with the type and quantity of equipment you need so we can make sure we get you the most suitable equipment, but keep in mind all of our equipment is donated. We will match things the best we can but we cannot offer to buy you brand new equipment.
We're glad you are getting in touch, but it's useful for us to know why you have approached us rather than funding providers etc.
Anything that helps demonstrate the impact the donated equipment will have is really helpful.
It's nice to see photos or blogs/emails we can quote and share on social media etc. - anything that helps other people see why this is worthwhile.
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