BENQ WEBINAR: Dark Processing with Enrico Fossati, 18 November 2020

© Enrico Fossati

BenQ have created a series of free webinars to help share knowledge with photographers of all levels – improving their skills and nurturing their love of photography. Holding topical webinars is something that they often do with their Ambassadors and professional photographers, it’s one of the reasons we wanted to team up with them as Shutter Hub Sponsors in the first place.

We’ve been working with BenQ for a while now, they’ve helped share their technical knowledge at events such as our 2019 Professional Development Day, and on the Shutter Hub blog with their advice on how to Take Care of Your Eyes and an Introduction to Professional Monitors, they even sponsored a YEARBOOK Award!


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BenQ.


On Wednesday 18th November we will see the topic of dark processing discussed and how to use this technique to create amazing and unique images.

Professional landscape photographer Enrico Fossati will be leading the webinar, talking about his experience enhancing the mood of his images by going a little dark in post-processing. He’ll take a look at some of the key elements of shooting moody landscapes, as well as editing techniques that are guaranteed to make your moody landscapes more dramatic than ever before.

During the free webinar Enrico will discuss what dark processing is and his sources of inspiration, colour grading, source of light and creative lighting, light diffusion and darkening and more.


BOOK HERE: Dark processing with Enrico Fossati


Enrico is a professional landscape photographer from Northern Italy. He is one of the most renowned landscape photographers at an international level, and his work has been awarded and published in some of the most important photography competitions and media over the last decade.

Enrico’s work is ever-evolving, and every day he has new ideas and new works are slowly materialising in his mind. Here is a famous quote that Enrico thinks fits well with his approach to landscape photography: “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities”.

This current series of free webinars from BenQ tie into the editing process and how BenQ monitors help to achieve professional-level images, focusing on the photographers’ experiences with the latest 4k monitor from BenQ, the SW321C.




This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BenQ.

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