Why I’m Supporting the GIRL TOWN Exhibition in Tel Aviv

When we launched our crowdfunder for taking the Girl Town exhibition to Tel Aviv, we really didn’t know what the outcome would be. We felt passionate about taking this show on the road, but had no idea how other people would feel about it. Suffice to say, it seems many people are as excited about it as we are! We’ve been blown away by the amount of support we’ve received so far, and as the donations started rolling in, we began to get curious – about people’s reasons for supporting Girl Town, what the exhibition means to them, and why they think it’s important. So, in true Shutter Hub style, we asked! And here are some of the responses…


“I believe in the importance of supporting expression and giving voice to stories that might not otherwise be heard and exposing new audiences to ideas, images and artists that can challenge and inspire them. Shutter Hub of course believe this too (which is why I love them!). This particular exhibition might seem on the face of it to have no direct relevance to me, but I feel that women are, still, under represented in mainstream culture and their voices and perspectives are too often not sought, actively suppressed or simply ignored. I don’t want to live in a world like that, so if I can help to change it in even the smallest of ways then I certainly will try.”

Justin Carey 


“I went to see Girl Town as part of Photomonth and loved it – a real cross section and diverse collection of women, of all ages, backgrounds, nations and cultures, beautifully photographed and captured by a wide spectrum of photographers. If I could find a word to describe it – it would be ‘democratic’, no hierarchy, just women doing their thing all over the world!”

Marice Cumber, founder of Accumulate


“Girl Town was launched as a photographical response to the growing global community of women celebrating their own identities within contemporary society. These identities reach beyond cultural and geographical restraints while shunning any prejudicial patriarchal perceptions. When judging the entries we looked for this unique hunger shared amongst the subjects to be authentic and confident. The Girl Town message continues to be a strong and positive reminder for women everywhere to keep true to themselves and refuse to conform to any perceived templates drawn by society, media or religion.”

– Kate O’Neill, founder and director of The Old Girls’ Club


“I loved the simplicity of this exhibition; no difficult subscriptions, no payments, but images through Instagram. It resulted in a good and powerful exhibition in a great location in London. It was all well organised, so I really think Shutter Hub can do this in Tel Aviv as well. Next level!”

Orande Mensink 

“Much of my work is shaped and defined by the roles and environments I find myself in as a female artist. It has therefore been fantastic to be part of ‘Girl Town’ and to show work as part of this amazing body of contemporary photography, portraying women with such variety and candor.”

Judith Weik


“Girl Town was a great opportunity to be part of a celebration of the Culture of Females in the 21st Century. Even in these times we must work together to promote the achievements of women photographers in the world that’s still very much a man’s world. I’m excited to be part of the exhibition in Israel, Tel Aviv, and support its success. The country has a long history of the feminist movement and one of the few countries to have been run by a female prime minister.”

– Vanessa Short


“I’m not one to usually submit my work for exhibitions, however Girl Town aimed to delve deeper than others by immersing itself into contemporary female culture. Exhibitions and shows over the years seemed to lack something when attempting to look at similar themes. I believe due to the unique way in which Girl Town had been put together that makes it entirely different. A group exhibition that utilised social media as a foundation for submitting work would allow it to show women of all walks of life, sharing a multitude of stories, emotions, experiences. To me it felt like it had the potential to be incredibly honest rather than being an exclusive and narrow minded show it would instead be an exhibition showing just how unique and celebrated contemporary female culture should be. I feel the work on show has the ability to bring people together and is why it is also important for it to be shown in Tel Aviv.”

– James Monahan​

“Girl town has provided an important creative platform and a meeting place for fellow photographers around the world. Last year, in London, we exchanged our ideas and images to a wider audience, which had very positive reviews. The diversity of work highlights so much about each individual that has something to express surrounding the celebration and culture of the female in the 21st Century.

Working as a professional photographer for many years – much of my work has focused on women, mothers, sisters and daughters and their incredible energy and importance on this planet. Being part of Girl Town and Shutter Hub is an honour and gives me a place to express and voice my photography creatively and powerfully. I feel part of a big family that is engaged in many subjects and issues that concern us all. Having the the exhibition travel to Tel Aviv, and being exhibited at Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture is very encouraging and opens up potential for more opportunities to come our way. Let’s keep the momentum going!”

Debby Besford


“I make very personal work so to have an opportunity to show it alongside other photographers representing subjects that were so close to them was something I really wanted to be a part of. GIRL TOWN going to Tel Aviv is an amazing thing to happen, I support its journey as I think it is such an unique body of work which has brought and will continue to bring women together through its vast range of subjects.

GIRL TOWN travelling to Tel Aviv is important to me because the support I have felt to continue my work and the community I have been welcomed into all came from this show. For this work and its community to be reaching new people is so wonderful as it provides the encouragement for others to feel confident and inspired to continue or start taking photographs.”

– Jessica Hardy

“I got involved in Girl Town because I think more women should be celebrated, after millennia of having men constantly in the foreground. I was at Culture House in Reykjavik yesterday and saw portraits of powerful people and museum commentary saying “notice they are almost all men”. To me, the feminine is sacred and should be celebrated equally to masculinity. I’m supporting it to go to Tel Aviv to help show the genuinely wonderful power of the women portrayed such as Joey Phinn. It’s important because I want to see equality for women in this world!”

– Gavin Freeborn

“As a mother of two daughters, having worked as a freelance photographer for over 25 years, most recently on issues regarding identity, how could I not get involved with such an important project.
Many thanks to all involved for creating these images and this hugely important space to show them.”

– Lucy Fitter 


Would you like to support this important exhibition to be seen more widely? Visit our crowdfunder page on Indiegogo to donate to the project.

Please note the dates of the exhibition have changed due to unforeseen circumstances – read the update here.



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