What does Shutter Hub mean to me?

Justin Carey joined Shutter Hub in 2014, being selected initially for our OPEN 2014 exhibition and subsequently going on to set up his own night photography group. Here he sums up his experience of being a member and how his photographic practice has evolved in that time…


Well, I think the first thing to say is that I've always been massively grateful for the warm and friendly welcome I received at the Open last year. I love how SH is so open to photographers across the spectrum, from eminent professionals to hobbyists such as myself, and champions and supports them equally.

I have never been made to feel like I don't belong or that I need to develop more credentials before I could expect to be taken seriously. I've very much valued the practical advice you've given me at different times and of course also the support for the night photography group. Today I received an email from a gallery about my work, having first seen it on the SH website…this sort of support and exposure has really forced me to re-evaluate what I was doing with my photography and what I wanted to get out of it.

Without the support of Shutter Hub I would have a very different outlook on things and would certainly see less in the way of possibilities. So my ambition and aspirations are much higher now, as a result of the support of Shutter Hub, and I am reassured by the feeling that as my photographic practice hopefully improves and develops onto bigger and better things I will still be able to find relevant support and resources from Shutter Hub wherever my photographic direction takes me. I feel very lucky to have come across Shutter Hub to be honest.

I've also appreciated the opportunity to meet other photographers through Shutter Hub…this has given me insight into how other people work, has given me ideas and inspiration and, again, has really opened my eyes to a more professional and high level of practice and kind of forced and inspired me to raise my game in many ways. Going forward I'd love more opportunities to meet other Shutter Hub members as I've always taken something away from those encounters previously, regardless of whether the style of work they do is similar to mine or not.

I could write a whole lot more about this…I'm a massive fan, as I've said before, but the basic message is that my whole outlook on photography has changed since coming into contact with Shutter Hub. I've been given amazing opportunities to exhibit my work in places I would never have imagined and been offered opportunities I would never have predicted.

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