SELECTED: THE YEARBOOK 100 – YEARBOOK 2020 Printed Publication

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We’re really pleased to announce the 100 photographers selected to be included in the YEARBOOK 2020 publication, selected by judges from our partners BenQExposure Photography FestivalFujifilm Original Photo Paper and Newspaper Club and Shutter Hub creative director Karen Harvey. This printed publication is going out to industry specialists and agencies, promoting the skill and talent of photographers working now.


The photographers selected to be included in the YEARBOOK 2020 publication are:

Wendy Aldiss, Andreea Andrei, Leia Ankers, Olivia Barrass, Jodie Beardmore, James Berrington, Indira Birnie, Lucas Birtles, Susan Bittker, Phillipa Bloom, Tim Boddy, Emma Booth, Kelly Bryan, Lewis Brymner, Tiina Burton, Richard Cannon, Chrystel Caparros, Kate Carpenter, John Castillo, Linda Chapman, Noemi Comi, Yolanda Crisp, Rosie Dale, Sam Davies, Matthew Dever, Sam Doty, Amanda Eatwell, Alisha Edge, Jarrett Edmund, Charlotte Elcock, Rebecca Elsdon, Jake Eshelman, Norberto Fernandez Soriano, Samuel Fradley, Tabitha Gallant, Daniel Harvey Gonzalez, Natalia Gonzalez, Ray Goodwin, Joe Habben, Jake Hitchcock, Nick Hodgson, Joseph Horton, Shannan Humphrey, Christian Jago, Naomi James, Elli Kouthouri, Marysia Lachowicz, Stefan Legisa, Ky Lewis, Izzy Lilley, Cindy Lin, Anneleen Lindsay, Glorija Lizde, Anna Luk, Dominic Manderson, Ioana Marinca, Kit Martin, Carol McPaul, Lois Melling, Emily Moorby, John Murphy, Simon Murphy, Craig Murray-Fletcher, Michaela Nagyidaiova, Nompumelelo Ncube, Patricia Niven, Katie Novell, Keifer Nyron Taylor, Katie O’Leary, Caitlin Sorcha O’Neill, Sue Oakford, Doru Oprisan, Charlie Payne, Noelle Peach, Michel Petillo, George Rayner, Jane Ross, Nyla Sammons, Kristina Sergeeva, Mariam Sholaja, Nicola Simpson, Sophie Skinner, Gavin Smart, Ilisa Stack, Nicola Stead, Emma Stevenson, Krystina Stimakovits, Michael Swann, Sheryl Tait, I-Chien Tang, Tyler Tanner, Robert Timothy, Alexander Ward, Eva Watkins, Sam Westgarth, Sid White-Jones, Francesca Wilkinson, Mandy Williams, Jason Yeomans, Kat Young.


With most of the graduate shows cancelled this year and uncertainty about when events of that size and nature will be able to go ahead, we started thinking about what these shows mean for those involved, and what they’re missing by not having them. In many ways they echo the ethos of Shutter Hub exhibitions – group shows of work by many varied photographers, promoted to the photography world, attended by industry experts, other photographers’ networks and potential employers.

At Shutter Hub we’re always trying to find ways to create opportunities for as many people as possible, so we came up with an idea that could have a positive impact for everyone, and not just for graduates…

We invited all photographers who wanted to promote their work to enter YEARBOOK. Whether they were recent graduates, self-taught, graduated a really long time ago, under 30, over 30, emerging, emerged or not even sure what emerging means. Entrants paid what they could, there were no set entry fees. Some entered a single image, some a series and some a whole portfolio. We received several thousand images and in the online exhibition we are showing at least one image from everyone who entered.


If you are an editor, director, curator or someone who commissions, promotes or supports photographers and would like to receive a copy of the YEARBOOK 2020 printed publication, featuring 100 selected photographers, please register your interest by completing this form.


The YEARBOOK online exhibition showcases work from over 200 photographers from across the world. YEARBOOK is a group show, promoting the skill and talent of photographers working now. We invite you to explore the gallery and the huge range of styles and subjects from photographers across the world. View the full exhibition here.




09 July – 09 September 2020




The YEARBOOK 2020 publication is printed by: Newspaper Club.

The YEARBOOK 2020 Awards are supported by: BenQ, Exposure Photography Festival, FujiFilm Original Photo Paper, and Newspaper Club.



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