SELECTED: THE YEARBOOK 100 – YEARBOOK 2021 Printed Publication

Graphic with an out of focus photograph of a computer monitor displaying the YEARBOOK 2020 online exhibition, with white text in the centre reading'YEARBOOK 2021'

We’re really pleased to announce the 100 photographers selected to be included in the YEARBOOK 2021 publication! This printed publication is going out to industry specialists and agencies, promoting the skill and talent of photographers working now.


The photographers selected to be included in the YEARBOOK 2021 publication are:

Kim Aldis, Chloe Milos Azzopardi, Oscar Blair, Ana Blumenkron, Susan Borowitz,Emma Boyns, Diego Brambilla, Tiina Burton, Mike Butt, Justin Carey, Kate Carpenter, Hanne Castein, John Castillo, Jaina Cipriano, Oliver Clarke, Noemi Comi, David Copeland, Amanda Denny, Scott Dickson, Lisa Doyle, Sandra Drljaca, Duncan Elliott, Dean Forbes, Samuel Fradley, Giuseppe Francavilla, Caroline Fraser, Joanna Furniss, Adriana G. Torres, Silvia Gentili, Patrick Green, Diana Hagues, Susanne Hakuba, Larry Halff, Lingxue Hao, Jack Haughton, Pippa Healy, Phil Hill, Mark Hobbs, Amy Iona, Lauren Irving, Christian Jago, Naomi James, Solli Kanani, Matt Kenneally, Sarah Ketelaars, Elli Kouthouri, Emily Larsen, Deb Leal, Janet Lees, Shannon Leith, Mark Levinson, Celine Lundqvist, Nuala Mahon, John Manley, Colin McAlpine, Geraldine McClure, Carol McPaul, Orande Mensink, Emanuele Moi, Ella Morton, Becky Mursell, Rada Nastai, Hannah Norton, Juan Obando, John Perivolaris, Coco Petter, Becky Probert, Colleen Rauscher, Regina Ray, George Rayner, Susan Ridge, Rachel Rimell, Astrid Robertsson, Clair Robins, Grant Simon Rogers, Harry Rose, Nyla Sammons, Sigrid Schmeisser, Anna Sellen, Stephanie Shih, Rakesh Sikder, Tessa Sinclair, Eliska Sky Kyselkova, Aline Smithson, Jo Stapleton, Fiona Steel, Vivien Stembridge, Dana Stirling, Anna Sturgeon, Mike Sutton, Cat Thorogood, Robert Timothy, Marianne van Loo, Alexander Ward, Judith Weik, Harry Wijsbroek, Elizabeth Woodger, Kat Young, Shiwei Yu, and Doro Zinn.


In 2020, with most of the graduate shows cancelled and uncertainty about when events of that size and nature would be able to go ahead, we came up with an idea that could have a positive impact for all photographers, not just for graduates… YEARBOOK.

It was a huge success and we were thrilled to hear the impact that the exhibition, publication and awards had on photographers across the world, so we decided to bring it back this year and invited all photographers who wanted to promote their work to enter YEARBOOK. Yet again we received over 1000 images and we are showing at least one image from everyone who entered in the online exhibition.


If you are an editor, director, curator or someone who commissions, promotes or supports photographers and would like to receive a copy of the YEARBOOK 2021 printed publication, featuring 100 selected photographers, please register your interest by completing this form. YEARBOOK 2021 will be available to pre-order soon for anyone who loves photography and beautiful printed publications, or if you are one of the featured photographers and would like a copy for your portfolio.


The YEARBOOK online exhibition showcases work from over 200 photographers from across the world. YEARBOOK is a group show, promoting the skill and talent of photographers working now. We invite you to explore the gallery and the huge range of styles and subjects from photographers across the world. View the full exhibition here.




16 September – 16 October 2021




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