NIGHT MOODS – A Shutter Hub Editions Publication: Selected Photographers Announced

© Nick Barkworth

The NIGHT MOODS exhibition, curated by Shutter Hub member Justin Carey (as part of our Curate for the Community project) was received with such positivity that we invited Justin to further explore his theme, NIGHT MOODS, by selecting 100 images for a Shutter Hub Editions book.


The night has long been a mysterious landscape. Yet, since the invention of the gas streetlight more than 200 years ago, we have steadily gained communal ownership over it, forcing its secrets to recede into ever-diminishing shadows. Today’s night photographers are inspired to uncover and disclose these nocturnal mysteries, that stubbornly endure despite our always-on 24-hour economy.

Through NIGHT MOODS, we invite you to spend some time in this enigmatic terrain, illuminated by the visual insight of the photographers in this book, who share what they have gleaned from around the world.


© Chris Lewtas

© Diana Hagues

We’re pleased to announce that the selected photographers for NIGHT MOODS are:

Wendy Aldiss, Shelby Alexander, Moose Azim, Nick Barkworth, Marcus Bastel, Simon Beraud, Giulia Berto, Susan Bittker, Troels Bjerre, Blake Burton, Stephen Chan, Alice Chapman, Peter Collins, Dallas Crow, Roberto Crucitti, Dania Daniel, Brian Davidson, Elisabeth de Bezenac, Joe Dixey, Nick Dunn, Pascal Durrenberger, Ashley Erdman, Aaron Falkenberg, Suzi Firenzi, Michael Francalanci, Poppy French, Tom Gifford, Neil Goodwin, Iris Grimm, Diana Hagues, Jo Haycock, Westley Hennigh-Palermo, James Hensby, Greg C Holland, Alison Johansson, Kay Kenny, Sarah Ketelaars, Mark Levinson, Chris Lewtas, David Lindsey, Heike Löwenstein, Quinn Miller, Nuala Mahon, Michelle Markham, Jessie Martin, Melanie Martin, Claira Matheson, Frankie McAllister, Rosita McKenzie, Simon Mooney, Barrie Morton, Dai Nakamura, Tailai OBrien, Nicola Parry, Michel Petillo, Nathaniel Plevyak, Ruby Reeves, Katherine Reiss, Natasha Reynolds, Jamie Robinson, Dawn S Rodgers, Jane Ross, Ken J Rutherford, Douglas Seigars, Vin Sharma, Nic Shuttleworth, Meg Tall, Siyi Tang, Pat Trotter, Ian Tuttle, Saskia van den Boom, Frauke van Lierop, Martin Wall, Madeleine Waller, Gaelle S Warner, Hermione Wheeler, Dominic Whiten, Clare Wilson, Fin Wright, and Jay Yeomans.


© Jane Ross

© Ashley Erdman

© Elisabeth de Bezenac

Shutter Hub Editions publications are a showcase for the photographers involved, and are available to purchase in our stockists’ locations across the UK, as well as directly from our online shop. Find out more about Shutter Hub Editions here.



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