Justin Carey

Justin Carey

My two main strands of work currently are the continuation of a long term project examining urban solitude, how people variously experience and relate to this state of being alone (and sometimes feeling disconnected) in the modern world. Clearly, since the onset of the pandemic this issue has been at the forefront of public consciousness and currently I am exploring how technology mediates and/or exacerbates loneliness in this context. This work has so far encompassed portraiture, urban landscape images and text, with excerpts of free creative writing and interview transcripts presented alongside images to better tell this universal story. The work from the first completed stage of this project can be seen here: https://reachingout.gallery

The second strand of my current work is related to mental ill-health and how emotional and mental anguish are expressed visually.

More generally I’m typically interested in work that evokes sentiment and in exploring the idea that we are surrounded by beauty in the urban environment every day, often in places where you might not think to look. My work often also serves as an exploration of my own internal emotional monologue and  memories.

I make portraits too, I love photographing people actually, and portraiture as well as photography-related writing are increasingly important pillars of my practice.

Please feel free to get in touch either by email or Twitter/IG (@justincareycom), and thanks for checking out my portfolio.


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