JOIN US: POSTCARDS FROM GREAT BRITAIN Exhibition Launch, Haarlem – 05 March 2020

Postcards from Great Britain launches in Haarlem on 05 March 2020 at the city’s famous Hotel Lion d’Or.

We’d love you to join us and our special guests for a Gezellig evening of great photography and excellent company. Simone Sagi (Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions) will give an introductory speech on the importance of imagery as a cultural exchange. Our friends and print sponsors Fujifilm will also join us for the evening. Drinks and snacks (both Dutch and British) will be served, and there’ll be lots of time for looking, talking and networking.


Postcards from Great Britain is a largescale project from Shutter Hub, inviting photographers to share their visions of British culture through photographic images and create conversations and exchange. Pop-up exhibitions will be held in locations across Europe, with related events, showcasing thousands of postcard-sized images. Every image submitted to Postcards from Great Britain will be collated into a digital and print catalogue, to be housed in libraries and archives around the world, and 100 images will be selected for a collectable postcard set. (See the up-to-date Project Overview here).


In a significant time in European history this project sets out to document and share aspects of British culture, spanning all genres of photography, and collating images which include social, political, historical, traditional and observational responses.



The selected photographers exhibiting in POSTCARDS FROM GREAT BRITAIN – HAARLEM are:

Adele Mary Reed, AJ Juston, Alessandra Bucci, Alexander Ward, Amanda Eatwell, Andrea Torrei, Anita Chandra, Anita Staff, Ann Petruckevitch, Anne Campbell, Ashley Erdman, Brian Human, Brian Coyle, Carli Adby-Notley, Cath Cartman, Chanel Irvine, Christine Walter-Saxena, Coco Petter, Coralie Datta, Craig Philip Szlatoszlavek, Daniel Staveley, David Morgan-Davies, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Debbie Naylor, Diana Serban, Edith Templeton, Elizabeth Brown, Ellie Laycock, Eric Boscia, Filipe Santos, Frankie McAllister, Gareth Surgey, Gemma Taylor, Gerard Francis, Gisela Szlatoszlavek, Giulia Simonotti, Heloise Bergman, Ian Pilbeam, Ilisa Stack, Ingrid Newton, James Holyoak, Janet Lees, Jason Yeomans, Jayne Lloyd, Jennifer Forward-Hayter, Jessica Datta, Jill Reidy, Jo Stapleton, Josephine Leroux, Josie Purcell, Julia Hawkins, Julie Cassels, Justin Carey, Karen Harvey, Kat Young, Kathleen Kirchner, Kathryn McGeary, Katie Lynes, Keifer Nyron Taylor, Kenneth Gray,  Kerry Curl, Kimberly Poppe, Krystina Stimakovits, Laura Ward, Lauren Irving, Lesley Peatfield, Loren McCarthy, Louise Hagger, Louise Ward, Louise Marlborough, Madeleine Waller, Madeline Reid, Mandy Williams, Marianne van Loo, Marie Smith, Marina Antoniou, Marisol Mendez, Mark Hobbs, Martin Skraban, Martina Jones, Matthew Dever, Michel Petillo, Michelle Markham, Mieke Douglas, Mike Williamson, Mike Cookson, Monica Glerean, Naomi James, Natalia Gonzalez Acosta, Nicola Parry, Nicola Gunwhy, Nikki Goldup, Orande Mensink, Parvathi Kumar, Patricia Borges, Peter Hook, Phillipa Bloom, Pippa Healy, Ray Knox, Roger Coulam, Rosie Barnes, Rosita McKenzie, Samantha Brown, Samantha Edgley, Sander Vos, Sara Hannant, Sarah Callow, Shannon Lee-Thompson, Sheila McKinney, Sonia Levesque, Sophie Skinner, Stephanie Wass, Sue Oakford, Susan Bittker, Susana de Dios, Tiina Burton, Tracey Sharpe, Wendy Aldiss, Werner Mansholt.



Hotel Lion d’Or
Kruisweg 34-36, 2011 LC  Haarlem, The Netherlands

05 March – 02 April 2020

Opening times: 11am – 7pm, daily

Project and Exhibition Launch Event: 5-7pm, Thursday 05 March 2020. Please RSVP here.


Want to join us? It’s easy to get to Haarlem, by plane, train and ferry, and Hotel Lion d’Or is located directly opposite the central station in Haarlem. It’s a beautiful city, people say it’s a ‘mini Amsterdam’, there are lots of wonderful museums, shops and places to eat. Having stayed here several times before we can highly recommend the city and the wonderful Hotel Lion d’Or (whose slogan is ‘Contemporary comfort since 1839!’) Hotel Lion d’Or. are very kindly offering Shutter Hub guests a special price for two nights stay at the hotel, so if you’d like to make the most of the visit, this is your chance!



Call for Entries (open until 31 December 2020): POSTCARDS FROM GREAT BRITAIN



POSTCARDS FROM GREAT BRITAIN is supported by: FujiFilm Original Photo Paper


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