INTERVIEW: SHUTTER HUB OPEN 20/21 – Karen Harvey talks Exhibitions with Virginia Orr

Compiltation of photographs showing a lorry on a motorway, a person with head in a bush, abstract black & white, still life of cut flowers, empty plastic chairs, people working in the sea, a lit underpass, double exposure of sea & mountains, a dark mountain with a red moon above, lines and seaweed in the sand, a pylon at the end of a road, cyanotype of a plant & high-rise buildings above a hoarding showing high-rises

Images from the Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21 exhibition. © Mike Sutton, Diana Serban, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Sid White-Jones, Michelle Markham, Michel Petillo, Ian Pilbeam, Caroline Sandretto, Christian Jago, Frankie McAllister, Mike Cookson, Kristel Collison, Ellie Laycock.

In this interview St Margaret’s House Exhibition Curator, Virginia Orr, speaks to Shutter Hub’s Creative Director Karen Harvey about the Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21 exhibition, the ethos behind Shutter Hub and how the organisation supports photographers through community, creativity and connections.

Find out more about the exhibition and gain an insight into the curation process, the thinking behind the format, and everything in between.




The Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21 brings together international photographers in a selected exhibition, celebrating the future of photography through diverse and creative imagery.


Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21

01 September – 10 October 2021

The Gallery Café, St. Margaret’s House
Bethnal Green, London


Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21 is supported by:
Newspaper Club.



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