COMMUNITY: Shutter Hub Winter Gift Exchange

Photograph of 4 wrapped presents on a wooden surface

We’re back with the annual Winter Gift Exchange! It’s been wonderful to see the new connections and friendships that have come from the past 3 gift exchanges, so we wanted to do it again!

This is not a ‘Secret Santa’ where you get a staple remover or an empty gift bag, it’s a chance for creative photographers to share something they love with someone else who shares the same goals. It could be a print, a zine, a favourite book, or set of postcards –  whatever it is, let’s make it a lovely way to connect with someone who is part of the same community as you, but you may have never met.


You need to be a Shutter Hub member to take part, and the rules are simple:

– Once you’ve signed up, after the deadline, you’ll be sent the name and address of your recipient.

– Send them something you’d like to receive.

– Make sure you include your contact details (social media, or email) so the recipient can be in touch.

– You’ll receive something from another Shutter Hub member – enjoy!




Deadline for signing up: 05 December 2023

Please don’t sign up if you’re not going to take part, we would like to see everyone receive something lovely.


We’re really looking forward to seeing what you share, and to connecting the lines between the dots (that’s you!) this winter.



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