Now, for the Future


As part of LOOK Photo Biennial Shutter Hub teamed up with Open Eye Gallery to create an exhibition for Open Source in their Digital Window Gallery.

Our perception of the world is influenced by our environment, our education, our history, and the stories we are told. Photography may be the most accessible and inclusive tool we have for communication. We can use it to share images that reflect on the world we live in, images that hold people together, encourage creative thoughts and provoke positive actions. The more we know and understand, and the more we find in common with others, the more likely we are to succeed.

The thoughts behind Now, for the Future are deeply rooted in the need to understand the environmental crisis that the world is facing, and not only find practical solutions, but also emotional and ethical ones. Can we share something so magnificent and inspiring that it will enlighten people’s perspective on the future?

Now, for the Future asks, can we create a visual language that draws from the past, exists in the moment, and sets a positive course for the future?

International photographers examine the myths and fables of the now – will the stories we tell today survive to be the folklore of the future? And, could Now, for the Future be a visual handbook for our emotional survival?



Now, for the Future 

Open Eye Gallery
19 Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 1BP

01 – 30 November 2019  


View the full exhibition digitally here: NOW, FOR THE FUTURE: The Exhibition Images

Exhibition Install & Launch Photos

Artists Statements: NOW, FOR THE FUTURE: Exhibiting Photographers Share the Stories Behind Their Work

The exhibition flyer and invite information: JOIN US: NOW, FOR THE FUTURE Exhibition Launch at LOOK Photo Biennial, Liverpool – 01 November 2019

Elsewhere Journal exhibition preview article: Now, for the Future at the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

More information on the exhibition, the exhibitors and the concept: NOW, FOR THE FUTURE at LOOK Photo Biennial, 01-30 November 2019



NOW, FOR THE FUTURE is supported by:

BenQ  |  OXLEY  |  PROJECT-A  |  X-Rite  |  Zero Above