© Kmar Douagi

NIGHT MOODS – an online exhibition, celebrating the creative possibilities of image-making when the sun goes down, presenting 150 images that showcase the range of photographic expression available at night, when words fade and things come alive!

Join us on a nocturnal journey that encompasses quiet contemplative moments, glimpses of abstract colour, snatches of nostalgia and shivers of menace – from shadows to solitude, we invite you to explore NIGHT MOODS.


NIGHT MOODS is curated by Shutter Hub member Justin Carey, who has been a key member of our community since our inception in 2014, when he showed some of his night images in the first Shutter Hub OPEN exhibition. In 2015 Justin set up his 200+ member night photography group, Everything Interesting Happens At Night, in London, which we gladly supported. And then in 2016 he shared his passion for night photography with our audience in Cambridge during the Shutter Hub OPEN, delivering a talk about the history and practice of night photography.

This exhibition has been produced by Justin Carey as part of our Curate for the Community project, which will see the production of a series of online exhibitions, curated by Shutter Hub members for the wider photographic community.


‘Night, when words fade and things come alive.’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.