EXHIBITION ENCORE: TIME TO THINK – St Gilles Croix de Vie, France, Summer/Autumn 2020

© Nicola Jayne Maskrey

Flash back to Summer 2019 and we were at Festival Pil’Ours in France, launching TIME TO THINK – showcasing the work of 145 female photographers from across 15 different countries, and a total of 435 images.

We welcomed guests and photographers who had travelled from Italy, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine and, of course, France. The beautiful and sleepy seaside town of St Gilles Croix de Vie wakes up each summer for this vibrant and inclusive festival of female photographers, and in 2019 Shutter Hub had the privilege of being be invited to curate the main festival exhibition.

Everything was so well received that the festival organisers extended the duration of the exhibition into Autumn, and invited us to return in 2020.


Here we are in 2020, and whilst we won’t be taking a new Shutter Hub exhibition to St Gilles Croix de Vie, we are really pleased to announce that the Festival Pil’Ours team have brought the exhibition back to the centre of the town, and our TIME TO THINK exhibition will be encored until the late Autumn.

We’re proud to share powerful work, and to do it en masse – showing the strength in community and collaboration, and bringing photographers together in a sharing and supportive environment, and we are more than grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen.


Shutter Hub exhibition at Festival Pil’Ours, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, France.

The selected photographers exhibiting in TIME TO THINK in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, are:

Mariia Abramkina, Wendy Aldiss, Olga Alexander, Jocelyn Allen, Zaklina Anderson, Laura Aubree, Patricia Belson, Heloise Bergman, Debby Besford, Kathleen Bishop, Susan Bittker, Phillipa Bloom, Eliza Bourner, Katie Bret Day, Jess Brittain, Sarah Brittain Edwards, Samantha Brown, Annika Bucceri, Tiina Burton, Chris Byrnes, Anne Campbell, Tess  Carpenter, Pamela Carr, Cath Cartman, Veronika Casarova, Julie Cassels, Debbie Castro, Chiara Ceolin, Giulia Cerocchi, Anita Chandra, Simona Ciocarlan, Kristel Collison, Tamsin Cox, Kerry Curl, Coralie Datta, Susana de Dios, Jasmine De Silva, Victoria J Dean, Paola De Giovanni, Amanda Denny, Mieke Douglas,Marysa Dowling, Amanda Eatwell, Samantha Edgley, Nettie Edwards, Sophie Ellen, Ashley Erdman, Livia Anna Fallarino, Juliet Ferguson, Sarah-Jane Field, Sylvia Fillingham, Kimi Gill, Carole Glauber, Inese Golde, Nikki Goldup, Tamsin Green, Mareike Günsche, Karen Harvey, Lydia Hansen, Pippa Healy, Katinka Herbert, Georgina Howard, Lauren Irving, Kathleen Kirchner, Austria Kovalenko, Parvathi Kumar, Claudia Leisinger, Ky Lewis, Anneleen Lindsay, Ruoxi Liu, Jayne Lloyd, Peggy MacSweeney, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Ioana Marinca, Kit Martin, Lesia Maruschak, Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Claire Maxfield, Frankie Mcallister, Loren McCarthy, Kathryn McGeary, Rosita McKenzie, Sheila McKinney, Marisol Mendez, Lisa Mitchell, Nicola Morley, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Caterina Nasini, Pupak Navabpour, Athina Neocleous, Sarah Newton, Misia-O’, Sue Oakford, Alison O’Neill, Tracey Paddison, Clare Park, Nicola Parry, Anna Perger, Ann Petruckevitch, Helena Pliotis, Becky Probert, Josie Purcell, Sirli Raitma, Tina Reid-Peršin, Jill Reidy, Claire Remmington-Wilding, Alinne Rezende, Pauline Rigby, Laurence Rivest, Ally Robinson, Emma Robinson, Jane Ross, Harriet Rutter, Rubee Samuel, Carolina Sandretto, Daphne Schnitzer, Amber Schormans, Diana Serban, Tracey Sharpe, Giulia Simonotti, Marie Smith, Sarah Smith, Maria Soroniati, Ilisa Stack, Jo Stapleton, Svetlana Talanova, Gemma Taylor, Edith Templeton, Jacqueline Thow, Gali Timen, Andrea Torrei, Helen Turnbull, Sally Tyrie, Marianne van Loo, Dineke Versluis, Jude Wall, Madeleine Waller, Christine Walter-Saxena, Louise Ward, Becky Warnock, Judith Weik, Eileen White, Christine Wilkinson, Mandy Williams, Carrie Woolsey.




Festival Pil’ours
Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

Exhibition: 24/7, until 30 November 2020

TIME TO THINK is a partnership project between Shutter Hub and Festival Pil’Ours.



Exhibition Installation & Launch Event Photographs

View all 435 images from the exhibition, and read feedback from some of the exhibitiors on their involvement: The Exhibition (& Some Lovely Words)

More information on the exhibition, the exhibitors and the concept: TIME TO THINK: Shutter Hub Exhibition at Festival Pil’Ours, France, 01 July – 31 August 2019


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