TIME TO THINK: The Exhibition (& Some Lovely Words)

Time to Think has been such a positive experience – 145 female identifying photographers from around the world, coming together to share 435 stunning images at Festival Pil’Ours with us. It’s been better than we had imagined it could be.

It’s easy for us to enthuse about the work we’re doing, but we wanted to share more voices – so we asked some of the exhibitors to share their thoughts on Time to Think


‘I entered the exhibit because it focused on international female photographers and their perspectives of the world. Giving me and other women a chance for their work to be recognized without restrictions or explanations, is priceless and more urgent then ever! Women obtain the majority of art degrees and constitute the majority of the population but remain undervalued and under-represented, time to #reclaimourplaceatthetable.’

Olga Alexander


‘I was indeed honoured to participate in this event involving so many other female artists and very happy to be included. Although not able to attend, I have been delighted by the photographs that have been posted. Congratulations Shutter Hub on doing such a good job of organising and displaying the images.’

Pat Belson


‘I walk out with my cameras and work in my darkroom usually alone.  As a sixty-year-old artist, woman, mother, and daughter my work bears witness to social and financial implications of living in a world controlled by those with money and the power it provides.  

My personal struggles to stay connected to an art practice resonate as a silent, unseen experience. My experience is female – living ‘she’ and being ‘she’.  Shutter Hub provided an affordable opportunity to join an international collective for humans identifying as female and an opportunity to be seen.  Thank you Shutter Hub.’

Chris Byrnes


‘I was thrilled to have my work selected alongside so many amazing and varied female photographers. I loved the openness of the theme, and the fact that the exhibition could be viewed 24/7, all of which exudes a generosity of spirit which I often find sadly lacking in the art world. And I loved that my quite simple straightforward images of scratches in rural bus shelters were shown side by side with other much more complex work, and there was a sort of magical coherence.

Although I couldn’t be there in person, my experience of thinking about the theme in relation to my photographs and then deciding what to submit, followed by being told that some of my images had been selected, and then seeing photographs of the exhibition in situ, all gave me a feeling of empowerment and of belonging, after years of not feeling accepted because of the simplicity of my images and way of working.’ 

Susan Bittker


‘Time to think has proved to be a valuable opportunity to exhibit along with many other talented women photographers. The theme is particularly relevant to me at this point in my life and creative career. I am so grateful to the Shutter Hub team for all the work that went into this international exhibition, a fabulous opportunity to weave together a narrative about contemporary photography and raise awareness about established and emerging women photographers. I am truly excited that they’ve been invited back in 2020: next year I will attend the opening because I want to be more offline and get to meet the organisers and the photographers in person.’

Paola De Giovanni


‘I chose to submit my work to the Time to Think exhibition, not only because the exhibition theme was relevant to my work but it gave me the platform to exhibit alongside over a hundred other female photographers. It poignantly shows the amount of female talent there is out there, with important voices to be seen and heard.’

Georgina Howard


‘Growing up I never thought that being female could stop me from doing what I love; a camera for me was simply for communicating with others. It was during my time at university that I first faced the problem laid on me that as a woman it would be much harder to ‘make it’ in the photography world – and during my research there were not many female photographers to look up to alongside my own identity. With the help of Shutter Hub, who took the ‘Time To Think’ exhibition to France, I was given the opportunity to exhibit to the public with 144 other women! Now I also see that the future of photography for women is changing and I’m so proud to be a part of that!’

Austria Kovalenko


‘I always enjoy being part of a Shutter Hub event and even though I cannot get over to France to see the exhibition in person, I like knowing that my work is being exhibited alongside such a large number of other female photographers with a vast and varied subject matter. And how wonderfully democratic to have the exhibition in the street! For everyone.’

Kit Martin


‘What an experience Time to Think has been. The incredible team at Shutter Hub made participating in an international exhibition with like minded artists a joy. Every step of the process was smooth, and the team could not have been more helpful, creative and communicative. Their interest in promoting the work of a community of artists is actualised not only through their ability to execute great international projects but to do it with enthusiasm, passion and a commitment to the people they represent and those they work with. I am honoured to have joined Time to Think with works from Project MARIA, which memorialised the famine in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-33, where millions died. Thank you to all those who made this possible.’

Lesia Maruschak



‘To have my work included in this exhibition with other talented female photographers marks an important development in my artistic career and practice. I also welcome the opportunity to show my work to a new audience in France and believe that Shutter Hub is offering a unique service to photographers like myself, who otherwise would be working in isolation; I’m now part of a community.’

Rosita McKenzie


‘As a UK-based photographer, it’s important to me as the country faces huge upheaval to still feel connected to other European countries. Taking part in Time to Think helps me to feel I am, while also providing the opportunity to try something different in my image-making.’

Josie Purcell


‘I took part because it’s an exhibition supporting women photographers and I also had some work that would be suitable. I like to enter Shutter Hub events as I like the organisation. The fact it was in France was a bonus and I decided to go along to the show. It was a lovely relaxing place and great to meet other artists who had come along. I had a really enjoyable time.’

Tina Reid Persin


‘I’m passionate about photography and I love the fact that this exhibition is for female photographers. There are so many aspects of photography that are approached differently by females, and this exhibition is testament to the talent from around the world. I’m so proud to be a part of this, and only wish I could have made it over to France to see it. Thank you, Shutter Hub, for this opportunity.’ 

Jill Reidy


‘Not only is it amazing to continuously support artists but it’s especially important to support female artists. Sisterhood is not only a big part of my work but also a big part of my everyday life. The theme ‘time to think’ goes beyond a theme of an exhibition as I believe it’s the theme of this generation! It is time to think about the past, and how it continues to affect the present time, and to think about the present and what we need to do to protect the future.’

Rubee Samuel



‘I believe, that when a group of women come together to share a creative process they can create a positive change within the world. I am deeply proud and honoured to be part of this exhibition with 144 other female photographers who have come together in solidarity and support as equals and in a non-competitive way to each share our creative interpretation in response to the theme “Time To Think” . The total diversity of images here shows individuality and collectively what is possible given the platform and freedom to express ourselves. We are making maps for change and recognition for the future.’

Tracey Sharpe


‘Photography can be a very solitary pursuit and it is always good to join up with others to show work. When there is the opportunity to join in with so many other women from many different backgrounds it is even better. The Time to Think exhibition has allowed me to share my work with a new international audience and the way it was displayed made new interesting connections.’

Edith Templeton


‘I’ve never exhibited abroad before and to have the chance to do this was really exciting. I also thought it would be a great chance to exhibit with other women only and to see the diversity, intuitiveness, creativity and strength in the work.’ 

Jacqueline Thow


‘I was so happy to be part of this exhibition by Shutter Hub. St Gilles is a gem and it is worth more than a visit, it is an amazing place with very welcoming people. It was so nice to meet many women from different countries and talk to them about photography. New ideas, new contacts, new projects. A highly recommended experience.’

Andrea Torrei



See all the photos from the exhibition install and launch event, here.

More information on the exhibition, the concept, and a full list of exhibitors, here.


Time To Think 

Festival Pil’ours
Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

Exhbition: 24/7, 01 July – 30 November 2019
Opening Event: Sunday 07 July 2019

The exhibition was originally due to close on 31 August, but because of the hugely positive response to the work it has been extended to 30 November 2019.

Exhibition curated by: Karen Harvey
Exhibition designed by: Tim Jukes

Time To Think is a partnership project between Shutter Hub and Festival Pil’Ours.


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