TALK: Protecting Your Intellectual Property – Intellectual Property Office

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Professional development is essential to us at Shutter Hub and we want to enable our members to learn from experts in their field. Following the hugely successful Professional Development Day at Bermondsey Project Space in 2019 we are now delivering an accessible Professional Development Series online we’d like to you to join us!


The sessions are for all photographers who want to take their profession further and learn in a friendly environment, whatever level you are currently at. We want you to come away having learnt something that will benefit you in your career, help you feel inspired and empowered.

Each session is one hour long and we’ll vary the days and times they are held to allow people with different schedules more chance to attend. There is one speaker per session and the sessions aren’t recorded so you will have to attend in order to hear the talk and ask questions – we want this to be as similar as possible to attending one of our actual events, the most benefit is gained from being present, and we feel this leads to more open and honest discussion. The sessions are free but donations are welcome.


On 24 March 2021 we are pleased to welcome Nicholas Chard from the Intellectual Property Office.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property, The Intellectual Property Office

Every business will own intellectual property – the name you trade under, the look or the function of products you make or use, even the brochures you create to promote your business. The Intellectual Property Office can help you understand how your IP can be protected effectively.

Nicholas has worked for the IPO for 7 years. He has worked in various departments of the Office and is experienced in delivering and advising on all aspects of Intellectual Property. He is an experienced member of the Outreach team and is keen to start traveling the UK again delivering the IP message to SME’s, Stakeholders and promoting the IPOs online tools.


REGISTER FOR THE SESSION: 11am – 12 midday UK time, Wednesday 24 March 2021


Booking is essential. This online event is provided by Shutter Hub at no cost but donations are welcome.



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