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Join us on the evening of Thursday 29 October 2020 from 5-7pm for an evening reception at at Glasgow Women’s Library as the National Trust for Scotland’s Second Morton Photography Symposium comes to a close.

Shutter Hub have teamed up with National Trust for Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Library, and the Trust’s Tenement House to create a two-part exhibition, Ways of Seeing, spotlighting Women and Photography in Scotland, in response to the National Trust for Scotland’s Second Morton Photography Symposium.

National Trust for Scotland’s major photographic collections feature many women as takers, collectors, preservers or subjects. These photographs show Scottish women in many lights – artist and model, wife and socialite, mother and sister, amateur and academic.  

The images of these women breathe life into our places and can help institutions like the Trust improve at putting women of all backgrounds at the centre of the stories we tell about our history. The aim of Ways of Seeing is to explore how photography is used to tell women’s stories.’ – Ben Reiss, Morton Photography Project Curator, National Trust for Scotland


Through Ways of Seeing, Shutter Hub brings together the work of women photographers in, and from, Scotland, and asks them ‘What are you looking at now?’

Find the full exhibition details here: WAYS OF SEEING


RSVP: email info@shutterhub.org.uk or book here.


When: 5-7pm, Thursday 29 October 2020
Where: Glasgow Women’s Library | 23 Landressy Street, Glasgow, G40 1BP