UPDATE: TIME TO THINK – Female Photographers at Festival Pil’Ours

© Nicola Jayne Maskrey

The other day we announced our latest call for entries, and our invitation to return to St Gilles Croix de Vie and create the main exhibition for the 4th Edition of Festival Pil’Ours, helping to deliver events that will form the basis for the Festival’s progression and inspiration.

Today we’re asking you to pass it on!

We need to reach as many female photographers as possible, we want to show variety and diversity, and we want to open up more opportunities for those involved. We have infinite space to exhibit, so the more work we can show, the more powerful this exhibition can be.

We’re already hearing about ways in which the work from this exhibition is going to travel further – Amber Magazine has confirmed they will cover the full exhibition again (last year every exhibitor had their images published in Amber), and this year they are offering us space to share individuals projects too, the Festival Pil’Ours coordinators will be looking out for projects to share in future solo exhibitions, and of course we’ll be giving lots of coverage over on the Shutter Hub blog, and more!

This is not only a great exhibition to be a part of, last year the exhibition was viewed by tens of thousands of people, it’s an opportunity for collaboration and growth. It’s also a super bargain to enter! And, after the entry fee there are no other costs – Shutter Hub do all of the printing, delivery, install and promo.

Please share! Tell all the female photographers that you know, and help us make this the best exhibition epic! There’s space for so much work, and so much collaboration, and it’s going to be exciting to see!

Deadline… soon! 5pm BST on Monday 20th May 2019

Members entry: £5 per image
Non-members: £10 per image

Everything will be printed, delivered, and installed for you. 

Each entrant can submit up to six images. These can be from a series or individual images. There is no upper limit to the amount of images we can exhibit at Festival Pil’Ours.

The exhibition will run for two months, from 1st July – 31st August 2019 

Full entry information here.