YEARBOOK 2023: Awards Announced – What Can You Win?

Winner of the BenQ YEARBOOK Award 2022 © Giuseppe Cipriani

If you are a photographer who wants to get your work seen then YEARBOOK is for you. An annual directory of photographers, YEARBOOK is a group exhibition for everyone and a series of awards from some of our favourite industry partners. There’s no set entry fee, no theme and it’s open to all photographers, no matter what stage they are at in their career. We want to make sure this opportunity is open to everyone.

In addition to every entrant being featured in the online exhibition, we’re really pleased to announce this year’s YEARBOOK Awards:


Alamy YEARBOOK Award 2023
One photographer will be selected by James Allsworth, Head of Content at Alamy, to receive Alamy Platinum Commission for 1 year and a one-to-one stock photography business development session with James.

Alamy is the world’s most diverse stock photography collection, they add around 150,000 images to their collection every day from thousands of photographers from across the world. Alamy supply images to customers globally, from magazine and book publishers to design agencies and marketers, they’re always looking for great imagery to enhance their projects.

Alamy work with over 100,000 photographers and aim to make it easy for you to work with them – it’s free to sign up, they don’t edit pictures on content and you retain full ownership of your photos. Since Alamy began, they’ve paid out over $200 million in royalties to photographers and the need for photography in our daily lives shows no signs of slowing.


One photographer will be selected by the team at GOST Books to receive a bundle of 10 GOST publications.

Founded in 2012, GOST Books is an independent visual arts and photography publisher based in London. They pride themselves on an uncategorisable output of diverse subject matter and design: from a chronicle of seven men claiming to be the Messiah; a study of Turkish soap operas; art works inspired by the largest breeding grounds for flamingos in the Southern Hemisphere; archive photographs from the Mexico City police department; to portraits of winners of state-run competitions in Belarus.

GOST aims to not only provide a platform for the work of emerging artists but contribute to print legacies of masters in the medium.


Metro Imaging YEARBOOK Award 2023
One photographer will be selected by Steve Macleod from Metro Imaging to receive a twelve-month mentorship.

Metro Imaging has a reputation for supporting education and in 2005 established its mentorship programme. Over the years the company has supported hundreds of artists from both academic and non-academic pathways.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with Shutter Hub by offering a twelve month bespoke mentorship where we will develop the individual’s next career move. We will cover all aspects of practice to include developing network; marketing and social media; technical and process led discussion as well as contextual and conceptual one to one sessions. There will also be opportunities to interact with others on the scheme and we will produce a working portfolio in support of the mentorship.”


Newspaper Club YEARBOOK Award 2023
One photographer will be selected by Sarah Belfort from Newspaper Club to receive a £150 printing voucher for Newspaper Club.

Newspaper Club helps everyone print their own newspapers. There’s no minimum order, 24/7 online ordering and fast worldwide delivery.

Since 2010, Newspaper Club has worked with some of the world’s most creative photographers and organisations, including Magnum Photos and the British Journal of Photography. They offer a range of FSC-certified and recycled paper stocks and their printing press is powered by solar energy.


Parallax YEARBOOK Award 2023
One photographer will be selected by Alice Rosenbaum, co-Founder of Parallax Photographic Coop, to receive a £100 voucher for the Parallax shop.

Founded as a cooperative in 2016, Parallax Photographic is designed to be a fair and ethical photographic retailer. They have a transparent and inclusive relationship with their customers, suppliers, and partners. Their intention is to support both the community, whose love and passion for photography they share and the industry which depends on the continued use of traditional photographic technologies. By providing a stable and sustainable supply to our customers they hope to support the use of film, and the love of photography, well into the future.


PhotoShelter YEARBOOK Award 2023
One photographer will be selected by Jeremy Berkowitz, Integrated Marketing Manager at PhotoShelter, to receive a PhotoShelter Pro Account for one year, which comes with unlimited storage (any file size or type) as well as over 100+ features developed specifically for professional photographers, including other delivery, storage and sales features.

PhotoShelter is the leading technology platform that helps photographers and creative teams unlock the power of a moment. Their tools and resources are designed and built for you. They aim to make it easy for you to present, sell and share your images so you can focus on what you do best.


Vintage Camera Hut YEARBOOK Award 2023
One photographer will be selected by the team at Vintage Camera Hut to receive an analogue kit, including a Yashica Mat 6×6 Medium Format film camera with it’s leather case and 3 rolls of 120 film.

Vintage Camera Hut is one of the largest film camera stores in the UK, with a team of passionate professionals dedicated to keeping film photography alive. They believe that film cameras are tools to capture memories of our lives, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic of it.

“As a business dedicated to keeping film photography alive and supporting photographers, sponsoring YEARBOOK allows us to connect with and support a wider community of photographers at various stages in their careers, as well as give back to the industry that we love. We are excited to be a part of this opportunity and to contribute to the recognition and celebration of talented photographers through the YEARBOOK Awards.”


Just like previous years, the main exhibition will be online so it can be easily shared and accessed, in the same format as last year’s exhibition, which you can see here. All valid entries will have at least one image included per person, on our website, which reaches over 20,000 people per month . We’ll promote the show through our newsletter and social media with a combined audience of over 15,000 and to everyone we know who wants to see new photography!


Want to take part? Find out more and enter here!


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Deadline for entries: 7 July 2023 (5pm UK time)

We’ll be sharing a selection of early entries on our social media, so make sure you enter early for chance to be included in our pre-deadline promotion!



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