WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Creative Review Photography Annual 2017

Creative Review’s Photography Annual seeks to celebrate great images – those who take them and those who commission them. It’s open to everyone involved in the making and use of brilliant photography – advertising agencies, publishers, galleries, designers, brands and, of course, photographers.

We were very excited to see that Juno Calypso and Siân Davey were amongst the winners of the Photography Annual 2017.



Best in Book: Juno Calypso, A Girl's Guide to Egg Freezing

This project was commissioned by US online platform Topic, which features “visual and audio stories programmed around monthly themes”. It ran as part of Topic’s Female Trouble issue, as one of “a variety of comedic and dramatic narratives examining the struggles women confront – and the ones they embrace and initiate”.

A Girl’s Guide to Egg Freezing’s darkly comedic self-portraits are characteristic of Juno’s previous series The Honeymoon Suite and Joyce. Five images tell the story of a woman’s potential ‘egg-freezing journey’. It begins with Step One: Get Scared and charts the injections, harvesting experience, and costs, each with a caption laying bare the reality of the process.


Editorial: Juno Calypso, The Making of The Honeymoon

Juno’s 2015 series of self-portraits shot at the Honeymoon Hotel in Pennsylvania rightly won her many plaudits. In this series shot exclusively for issue 19 of Port, Juno – via her alter ego Joyce – returns to the kitsch splendour of the hotel and its heart-shaped bath to further explore the location’s dramatic scenery, dark humour and fantastical notions of femininity.





Zeitgeist: Siân Davey

Shutter Hub member Siân Davey was a winner in the Zeitgeist category – photographers who Creative Review think have captured the mood and our imaginations in 2017. You can read the article about Siân and her work on the Creative Review website here.



Images top to bottom:

1 – 3: © Juno Calypso for TOPIC Magazine

4: From the series Looking for Alice © Siân Davey, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

5: From Together, a project commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery © Siân Davey


See more of the winners on the Creative Review website here.



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