Travelling Light by Kiki Streitberger at Somerset House

Images from Travelling Light, a project by Shutter Hub member Kiki Streitberger, have been exhibited at Somerset House, having been shortlisted in the 'Contemporary Issues' category in the Professional section of the Sony World Photography Awards.

For the project,  Syrian refugees were asked about about the items they still have left from their journey across the Mediterranean, and what those items mean to them. The work combines images of those belongings, along with a text description/explanation from the owner.

Travelling Light has also been shortlisted for the Kolga awards in Tbilisi and will be shown there on the opening night on the 12th of May.

The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards exhibition is on at Somerset House until 8th May, and you can find more information here.

You can see images from Travelling Light here, and it is also available as a book.

You can see more work by Kiki Streitberger at her Shutter Hub profile here.



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