TO THE SEA: Selected Photographers Announced

Showcasing the work of 120 photographers, and over 400 images, TO THE SEA encompasses multiple visions of the sea – environmental, actual, emotional, and more, in a wonderful year-long exhibition.

We’ve been exhibiting in St Gilles Croix de Vie since 2018, and are pleased to be able to continue our connection with the beautiful seaside town by inviting everyone to come together and celebrate the sea. The outdoor exhibition site is in the centre of a beautiful area that attracts thousands of visitors day and night throughout the seasons, making the exhibition accessible to all.


The exhibition will run for a whole year, from 19 October 2023 – 10 October 2024.


© Brent Jones

© Bettina Stammen

The selected photographers exhibiting in ‘TO THE SEA’ are:

Kim Aldis, Wendy Aldiss, Mark Alvarez, Zaklina Anderson, Tania Arenas Pinto, Trevor Attwood, Chris Avis, Marcus Bastel, Patricia Belson, Richard Benedict, Susan Bittker, Rick Blumsack, Lewis Brymner, Tyler A.W. Burke, Tiina Burton, Sarah Callow, Anne Campbell, Julie Cassels, Anita Chandra, Alice Chapman, Oliver Clarke, Trish Crawford, Angela Crosti, Marcel Croxton, Kerry Curl, Sarah Deane, Caitriona Dunnett, Matt Dusig, Ewelina Dziedzic, Mark Eden, Livvy Eden, Claudia Eschborn, Juliet Ferguson, Shannon Fisher, Jono Foley, Ray French, Claudia Fuggetti, Dylan Garcia, Tom Gifford, Alan Gignoux, Nikki Goldup, Kat Gollock, Samantha Goodlet, James T Gunderson, Diana Hagues, Sara Hannant, Stephen Howse, Brian Human, Naomi James, Tess Jeffery, Jim Johnston, Brent Jones, Jo Kalinowski, Sarah Ketelaars, Joe Kibria, Janine Kilroe, Kirra Kimbrell, Daniela Labastida Salinas, Terence Lane, Janet Lees, Paola Leonardi, Felix Leopold, Josephine Leroux, Ky Lewis, Wen Hung Lin, Dee Lister, Suzanne Livingstone, Robin Lloyd-Jones, John Luchin, Nuala Mahon, Antonina Mamzenko, Eva Marschan-Hayes, Frankie McAllister, Rosita Mckenzie, Carol McPaul, Orande Mensink, Gert Motmans, Dai Nakamura, David Neve, Rachel Nixon, Nicola Parry, Sarah Parsons, Ann Petruckevitch, Felix Pilgrim, Joe Platt, Kathryn Polley, Josie Purcell, Sara Rawlinson, Regina Ray, Jill Reidy, Robert Richardson, Rachel Rimell, Clair Robins, Ally Robinson, Grant Simon Rogers, Ann Russell, Paola Ruvioli, Fred Sansone, Sigrid Schmeisser, Daphne Schnitzer, Anna Sellen, Vin Sharma, Tessa Sinclair, Bettina Stammen, Silke Storjohann, Curt Stump, Malgorzata Szura Piwnik, Edith Templeton, Dineke Versluis, Adam Victor, Maarten Vromans, Madeleine Waller, John Walmsley, Louise Ward, Z White, Tim Willcocks, Jake Williams, and Terence Wright.


© Julie Cassels

© Jo Kalinowski

© David Neve




19 October 2023 – 10 October 2024

Les Alizes (outside)
Boulevard de l’Égalité
Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

Exhibition open 24/7



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