The Winner of this year’s Shutter Hub PHOTOMASTERS Award is… Michael Whelan, whose work was chosen from the selected 14 exhibiting international MA students and recent graduates, at this year’s exhibition.


“I was really drawn to Michael’s work both stylistically and conceptually as a body of work. Exhibited in the gallery space his work looked very sophisticated and intriguing, and it was interesting to see how he had used photography as a tool to create beautiful thought-provoking artwork.

Michael exhibited in the 4th year of PHOTOMASTERS and he has definitely been one of the stand-out exhibitors.

PHOTOMASTERS is an exhibition for MA level photographers, who are either currently studying their MA or recently graduated. It is a platform to showcase work to industry professionals, such as art buyers and producers and a huge volume of visitors. The exhibition sits amongst 8 other photography shows as a part of Photoblock which brings in excess of 7000 visitors each year.”

– Georgina Howard, PHOTOMASTERS Curator and Photoblock Co-ordinator.



Michael Whelan has worked as a photographer for 15 years, his landscapes are influenced by scale, topography perspectives and a human interaction. His winning body of work Fragments tackles the complex relationships that we have with our environment, and how it influences us as humans – by physically deconstructing mountain peaks, bringing to question the spiritual value that we place on them.

“It’s always great to get recognition for work that you make, and on this occasion hearing that my MA degree work was selected for the Shutter Hub Award was especially rewarding after putting in what I can only describe as an ’emotional and physical graft’.

My photography has always been quite pure and considered, and working with sculptural processes to look and represent objects as 3D forms and shapes has been instrumental in freeing up my thoughts up of working just within 2D.

I’m excited about the Shutter Hub Award as there are lots of relevant opportunities listed on the website that will be useful for project funding and future exhibitions. Not only that, I’m joining a community of other photographers – and who knows what that might bring?”

– Michael Whelan



PHOTOMASTERS is part of PHOTOBLOCK, the annual photography event at the Old Truman Brewery, which brings together a distinctive programme of photography events and exhibitions showcasing both contemporary and traditional work.

Shutter Hub have been partners with PHOTOMASTERS from the outset four years ago, offering portfolio reviews, acting as a primary judge for the Shutter Hub Award, and awarding the winner a free Shutter Hub membership.


All images © Michael Whelan


Credit and thanks:

Laurynas Karmalavicius who collaborated with Michael producing the 6 sculptural peaks and steel frames

Art Direction during early photographic production: Hannah Barker-Wyatt


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