TALK: Making the most from Alamy

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Last year, as part of our online Professional Development series, we were really pleased to welcome James Allsworth, Head of Content at Alamy, to give us an introduction to making money with stock photography. It was a great insight into Alamy and we know that many of you went on to join, so we’re very happy to let you know that James will be returning for a follow-on session this March, to go into things in more detail and particularly to answer any questions you may have.

Have you registered for a contributor account but something’s holding you back? Are you unsure about whether a particular set of images is suitable? Do you want some tips on how to make sure you’ve added everything you need to make sure people find your photographs? Send your questions when you register for the event and James will cover as much as he can in the session.

The talk won’t be recorded so you will have to attend to hear the talk – we want this to be as similar as possible to attending one of our actual events, the most benefit is gained from being present, and we feel this leads to more open and honest discussion.


TALK: Making the most from Alamy – James Allsworth

Alamy is the world’s most diverse stock photography collection and we add around 150,000 images to our collection every day from thousands of photographers from across the world. We supply images to customers globally, from magazine and book publishers to design agencies and marketers, they’re always looking for great imagery to enhance their projects.

Alamy work with over 100,000 photographers and we make it easy for you to work with us – it’s free to sign up, we don’t edit pictures on content and you retain full ownership of your photos. Since we began, we’ve paid out over $200 million in royalties to our photographers and the need for photography in our daily lives shows no signs of slowing.


James Allsworth has been at Alamy for over 17 years and has seen many changes across the industry in that time. “My role at Alamy is Head of Content, which essentially means I’m responsible for the images coming on to the site as well as lots of other areas that are touchpoints for our contributor base.

My background is very much in line with this – I hold a digital media degree awarded from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design where I specialised in, you guessed it, digital photography. I’ve held a strong interest in all forms of visual media for as long as I can remember and will never tire of looking at, and talking about, visually arresting imagery.” – James Allsworth


REGISTER FOR THE SESSION: 3 – 4pm UK time, Friday 11 March 2022


Booking is essential. Please send your questions as far as in advance as possible to ensure they are included in the session and to give James opportunity to liaise with other departments if needed. We do hope to have opportunity for some live questions on the day, too, but having the questions in advance means we’ll be able to ensure we get the most detailed answers for you. Please note this talk will not be recorded. This online event is provided by Shutter Hub at no cost but donations are welcome.


Visit Alamy’s stock photography collection on their website and follow @AlamyContent on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to connect with them.



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