SHUTTER HUB SUPPORTS: Emerging Photographers at Exposure Photography Festival 2023

A person walks across a downtown alley as light is reflected onto the street from a nearby building.

© Tyler A.W. Burke

We’re pleased to be supporting Exposure Photography Festival in Canada in 2023. For the third year running we’ll be offering the Shutter Hub Emerging Photographer Award. The recipient of the award will be receive a Shutter Hub Membership, 1-to-1 mentorship session with Creative Director Karen Harvey, and a feature on the Shutter Hub website.

In 2022 we gave the Shutter Hub Emerging Photographers Showcase Award to Tyler Burke, who said, ‘The mentor session was fantastic. We had some great conversations and I’m feeling very motivated. As I am super new to the world of fine art photography, Karen’s insistence (and validation of my work so far) to get out of my own way, put more energy into the art side of things, and dive in is exactly what I needed to hear at this junction. I don’t think I could’ve landed in a more aligned photography community if I tried.’

Each year the Exposure Photography Festival presents the Emerging Photographers Showcase. The exhibition celebrates the rich talent of early-career practitioners who are based in the province of Alberta, Canada. The exhibition offers an important professional development opportunity for Alberta-based photographers whilst providing them a gateway into the industry. The exhibition presents a broad range of works, including photojournalism and photocollage, abstract and politically engaged photography, and works that embrace social and individual experience, as well as visual explorations of identity and personal narratives.

The call for entries is open until 1 September 2022, and the exhibition opens in February 2023. Find out more here.