Everything Interesting Happens at Night - Shutter Hub Sponsors Photography Group

Everything Interesting Happens at Night is a photography group with a difference, and Shutter Hub are proud to announced we are now sponsors of this inventive and exciting project. Hosted by Shutter Hub member Justin Carey, the group appeals to beginners or experienced photographers – anyone who'd like to get out and take pictures after dark. As Justin explains:

From beginners looking to give low light photography a try for the first time, to experienced photographers who never stray from ‘bulb’ mode, I hope this will be the meetup group for you to meet like-minded photographers to learn, hopefully improve, and have fun…all in a relaxed, informal environment. 

Members of Everything Interesting Happens at Night can get their Shutter Hub membership at a discounted rate, and we're looking forward to more collaborative offers and shared events in the future. We're also looking forward to sharing some of the photographs…

Everything Interesting Happens at Night meet for shoots monthly in London. If you'd like to do some night photography in a friendly and supportive environment with other photographers, you can find out more (and sign up for the next outing!) here.