Shutter Hub PHOTOMASTERS Award Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the selected winner of the Shutter Hub PHOTOMASTERS Award. In fact this year the field was so strong that the judges selected Daniel Norwood and Orande Mensink-Nouws as joint winners (see images above). Well done to both winners and congratulations to everyone who was able to take part in the exhibition.

PHOTOMASTERS is a showcase for MA students and recent graduates, and seeks to highlight the best in emerging Photography. Hosted by The Old Truman Brewery as part of the Photoblock season and Photomonth Festival, PHOTOMASTERS includes and exhibition of selected works, and a Portfolio Review event supported by the British Journal of Photography. This year the award was juried by representatives from The British Journal of Photography, The Old Truman Brewery and Shutter Hub.

The winners will each receive a 3 year Shutter Hub membership and we will be covering their work in a special feature on Shutter Hub, so you can expect to hear more about our winners in the near future.



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