Shutter Hub joins the Champions of Change at The Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Last week Shutter Hub’s Karen Harvey attended the prestigious Champion of Change awards at The House of Commons. 

45 guests from a prospective 30,000 were invited to the exclusive awards ceremony, which celebrated the achievements of those who have made a significant impact within their industry, Karen was representing Shutter Hub for leading work in championing the cause of emerging photographers and making a breakthrough in the photographic sector. 

The Right Honourable Zac Goldsmith MP presented the inaugural Champion of Change award to renowned fund manager and entrepreneur Nicola Horlick. Zac Goldsmith MP, spoke against the tide of negativity towards success at the Who’s Who award ceremony in Westminster last Monday. “In this country we’re very good at the innovation part of business, but not so good at celebrating those who succeed despite the odds being heavily stacked against them.” 

Karen was delighted to be there representing Shutter Hub and Photographers, “It was a great opportunity to meet new people, share industry knowledge and personal stories, and spread the word about our wonderful photographers and the work we are doing with Shutter Hub. Also, I saw Lionel Richie!”


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