CAMERA AMNESTY: Donate Unwanted Cameras and Photography Equipment to Help Others

© Nico Froehlich

Alongside delivering a whole host of services which support creative photographers through worldwide exhibitions, opportunities, portfolio reviews, tailored publicity, and more, Shutter Hub is making sure that all photographers have an opportunity to create work, whatever their personal situation.

The Camera Amnesty is Shutter Hub’s appeal to help homeless photographers – could you donate your unwanted cameras and photography equipment to help others?

Shutter Hub are working to support Accumulate, an inspirational charity that empowers homeless people through creativity.

Shutter Hub has supported Accumulate with photography workshops, tutoring, portfolio reviews at The Photographers’ Gallery, and with their exceptional exhibitions at The Guardian.

The work Accumulate does is life changing and the team at Shutter Hub wanted to find another way to make sure these photographers could carry on developing their careers and expressing themselves through their creative skills, so they established the Camera Amnesty.


© Nico Froehlich

© Nico Froehlich

“The partnership with Shutter Hub extends beyond their expertise and networks (which are amazing anyway) as they also provide us with expert tutors for the workshops and for the portfolio reviews with the Accumulate participants. Shutter Hub also set up the Camera Amnesty scheme for us and publicise it widely across their networks. Camera Amnesty means people can donate their unused cameras to Accumulate and then our photography workshop participants can borrow a camera to continue learning and developing their photography skills. A great invention by a great partner!”
said Marice Cumber, Director of Accumulate.


© Nico Froehlich


Accumulate have been able to give cameras to those in need and develop a camera library which is accessible by homeless photographers across London. The equipment donated through the Camera Amnesty has meant that in all the courses run, everyone has been able to access equipment which is right for their needs.

Do you have a camera or photography equipment you’d like to donate?

Accumulate can accept digital and film cameras, from D/SLRs to point and shoots, camera phones, film, memory cards, bags and anything that could be of use to a photographer.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project by donating equipment and spreading the word.

Think you have something? Brilliant. Get in touch with us!

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