Shutter Hub Membership Bursary Award

At Shutter Hub we work really hard to make sure that things are as affordable and attainable as possible for photographers, and that we work together as a community to support and share.

Our membership has always been heavily subsidised by our own income* (we receive no external grants or funding), allowing each member to access over £1000 worth of services, it’s something we are really proud to be able to offer.


For those who aren’t Shutter Hub members we have, and always will, provide free content on our award winning blog – we share knowledge, opportunities, advice, behind the scenes projects, and much more. We also send out regular newsletters to our mailing list (sign up here), and you can keep in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter.

In 2016 we set up the Camera Amnesty, originally our appeal to help homeless photographers access equipment, now something much, much more. We’ve created free exhibitions, free opportunities, and freedom to share, wherever we can.


We believe in collaborating and making a positive impact within the industry. We will continue to do what we can, and additionally we’ll offer extra support through our membership bursary scheme, providing a number of Shutter Hub memberships at no cost for one year. This is a limited resource, available to photographers who are on a very low income and would benefit from the opportunities we offer. Photographers are able to apply or nominate other photographers to receive the Shutter Hub Membership Bursary Award. This bursary is funded by Shutter Hub income, sponsorship and donations.


Apply here: Shutter Hub Membership Bursary Fund Application.


We will be accepting applications throughout the year, reviewing and awarding membership bursaries in April and November.



*This bursary is funded by Shutter Hub income, sponsorship and donations. We receive no externals grants or funding.

If think you could help us fund an extra membership, please make a donation here, thank you.