Tessa Sinclair

A woodland envelops you and a shaft of light spotlights a patch of the forest floor, illuminating nothing but green grass. It is a light tunnel allowing sun into the depths of a dense wood.

This Monterey pine is bathed in low red sunlight which picks out the cones in a slightly surreal way. It is situated on a bed of moss and lichen but stands alone.There is no clue as to what lies over the horizon behind it but there is a sense of openness that is only found at the coast.

A line of emerald green reeds presents a barrier between the viewer and the distance.Through a small gap the sea can be glimpsed but there is no signal as to what else is concealed behind the reeds.

The Marsh becomes denser than a jungle in spring, a world of green.

In a sea of green marsh foliage a line of pink and yellow flowers marks the foreground and a small flowering elderflower is seen at the back dwarfed by larger trees and reeds.

The Marshes in Summer.

A Dog Rose Tree, contralto the image emerges above the long grass.There is no view beyond the grass you are left in the space with the dog rose tree.

A sea of purple heather extends from the foreground leading to a lone Scots pine highlighted against a stormy summer sky. It immerses you in purple but fails to lead you to the tree. There is no path

The fields are made white, a man made winter scene of snow.

The illusion of ice is folded into a heap, dormant until the next unravelling.

Useful once, indispensable, old spent tyres cast on a heap, no longer of any use.

Restless Land, a mirror to an internal emotional world.

Restless Land 2, a mirror to an internal emotional landscape

Restless Land 3, a mirror to an internal emotional world

This hand made French Fold book is a world within a world. With the onset of Covid a certain fear hung over us all for several months, a fear of disease, death, uncertain future. Walking through that landscape led to this collection of images.

The first buds of cherry blossom opening on the spring equinox. 20 March 2022 at 15.15 heralding the Iranian New Year.

Cherry blossom as the light fades on Narooz

Tessa Sinclair

Since publishing her photobook, ‘A Restless Land’ last year, Tessa has been furthering her work looking for that quality in a ‘place’ which impacts so strongly on us emotionally. Her latest project ‘Breathe’ will be exhibited in Suffolk in October.

Tessa’s Landscape work is inspired by the discovery of the therapeutic effect that certain places have on us and the way we feel. This project was an enquiry into what quality of the landscape it is that elicits that effect on us emotionally and psychologically. The images explore a ‘place’ in an immersive way. The viewpoint from which the images are seen draws the viewer in with highly defined details in the foreground and an almost portrait like treatment of natural features. Many of her images allow the viewer to linger within the space more than presenting a classical vista. Others confine the viewer creating a sense of unease, but it is by staying with that unease that a sense of calm is created. It is this realisation, that it is not just the beauty or the quietness of nature that touches us but the embracing of the feeling of uncertainty that makes way for a sense of equilibrium of our inner landscape.

This project is a refinement on a piece she did for her MA Photography at Westminster and is revisiting landscape with a different perspective.


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