Terence Lane

Sciryuda | Garibaldi Plantation

Sciryuda | Beeston Lodge (Site of)

Sciryuda | Garibaldi Plantation

Sciryuda | Forest Edge, Garibaldi Plantation

Sciryuda | Forest Edge, Snake Hill

Sciryuda | Forest Edge.

Sciryuda | Centre Tree, The Birklands.

Sciryuda | Ancient Oak, fallen.

Sciryuda | Woodland.

Sciryuda | Dance

Sciryuda | Fall

Sciryuda | Fallen Oak and Fern

Sciryuda | Beech

Sciryuda | Beech

Sciryuda | The Birklands

Sciryuda | The Birklands

Sciryuda | Lime

Sciryuda | Oak

Sciryuda | Oak, Flow

Sciryuda | Oak, Dance, Burstheart Hill

Terence Lane

I am a Nottinghamshire based contemporary landscape photographer and have lived in and around Sherwood Forest for almost all of my life. In addition to other urban landscape work, my main long-term project is making images of Sherwood Forest or ‘Sciryuda‘ which is the first documented name for Sherwood Forest.  The Forest covered a very large area geographically and I am now moving further out from the traditional centre.  The images have not been made to provide a documentary record and are not necessarily of areas that visitors will immediately recognise.  My approach is meditative, seeking a reflection and indication of the deep heart of ‘Sciryuda’, its fragility, its strength.

Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

My images have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally.


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