Sherion Mullings

Backstage photography during Graduate Fashion Week

A quite shot of Maya at work in her studio

A portrait of Sophie from Grind and Knot in her studio

Handling a piece worked wood in the studio

A portrait of Melissa working in her ceramics studio

A portrait of Aliet outside a show

A portrait of Melissa in her ceramics studio

A portrait of Geraldine in her studio

A portrait of Kingsley in his studio

Sherion Mullings

“I would describe myself as an emotive photographer, a story teller who wants to capture those focal moments, whether it’s street style, portraits or live events”

With a preferred approach for shooting in reportage and based in London, Sherion has been capturing street style and backstage for the past several years and has now added personal branding photography to her portfolio, capturing artists in their spaces as demonstrated on the about page of Maya Njie and in a recent editorial Enki Magazine

As well as being able to draw out a strong visual narrative capturing the mood and emotions from within a scene she also has an eye for detail. This translates into showing the beauty and aesthetics from within that scene leaving its imprint upon the viewer.

‘’ I love her photos as they capture emotion and a stillness, nothing looks rushed or forced, a great skill.’’ @teuchterlife

an eye for imagery and art, a gift with the use of beautiful colours, absolutely striking’ @pikiphut

Her profile on instagram over the years shows much of her work championing and photographing diversity, particularly during Fashion Week.

As well as being published, her work is available for license on Alamy and Rex Features.



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