Patricia Belson

I was involved with a group exhibition entitled white I have recently moved house and was dismayed to find a lane nearby that seemed to be bit of a dumping ground so I used my phone to record some of the rubbish that kept appearing and used the white objects to create this image to bring it the peoples attention

This image was taken using a pinhole setting on my compact camera i aimed to catch the movment of the water

Digital image of reflections on water of a boat and big pink/red colour of the columns on the quay side.

This image was taken using a digital camera with a pinhole in the body cap

Pinhole image taken with pinhole camera made from a shoebox and photographic paper negative

Thi s image was taken using a pinhole camera, whilst on an AA2A project at Bradford college. The point of the project was to follow staff and students around the college taking images with various pinhole cameras.

Pinhole image using small wooden pinhole camera with 35m film.

Pinhole image taken with wooden pinhole camera

Taken with pinhole app on Olympus tg camera

Pinhole image taken using wooden pinhole camera

I took this image with a ipod using a magnifying macro lense attachment and was pleasantly surprised with the result

This image was for a selfie project. I used photographs from my childhood up to the present for the background. I then used modern technology to take a number of selfies that were then worked on in photoshop and placed onto the background

I spent hours covering cardboard letters with small bracelets that I made using loom bands, I then used a clothe background and photographed each one individually and used photoshop to stitch them together.

The base of this image is a drawing on a collage of coloured tissue paper then photographed and worked in photoshop with a photographic image of the fun fair in the background.

I spotted this old bath on a roof in sardina and liked the composition and the way the washing line frames the seagull

I Liked the shapes of the two glasses and the yellow against the slight yellowing of the sun going down in the background i emphasized the yellow by using a one colour application on my camera

Patricia Belson

I am very interested in objects that create an abstact pattern of shape and colour, I am particulary interested in water and reflections.

I enjoy experimenting with photoshop, I love digital cameras and some of the effects possible within the camera itself, and the instant access that they allow.

I like to experiment with using different media as a base for an image such as drawing and painting and scanned objects.

I have explored pinhole cameras, I like exploring the long exposures possible with the pinhole camera and capturing movement.


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