Patricia Belson

I am quite fascinated with water and reflections and was excited to come across these big puddles in the board skating park the wind had dropped so the reflections were very clear and strong

This church in Saltaire is in a very popular tourist spot and is very difficult to get an image with no people or cars, so I was delighted to be able to get this image.

I took this in colour to capture the flag flying and converted it to black and white but maintained the colour in the flag to create the contrast between monochomatic and colour.

I took this image using Bracketing and merging the three images in light room I think the way it has picked up the detail overall makes it look a little illustrative

This is discarded building in an old allotment I was interested in the blue of the bucket and hose and set my camera on black and white with the blue selection.

I came across this plant at the side of the local canal but the thing that excited me was the water sparkling in the background that has lifted the image from being just an image of a plant

I allowed the girls to pick there own poses and was able to catch this image as cousins they have a very close and warm relationship which i feel has been captured here.

I took this by laying on the floor and pointing the camera up I like the effect of the grasses contrasting against the blue of the sky background.

we spent the day exploring Bolton Abbey I like the way the stepping stones take you on a journey into the image and up to the priory

I went out walking and came across these leaves which were virtually the last leaves on the tree I took the image using the black and white setting and the green selection.

I used an olloclip lens attachment on my phone and got right into the Dandelion clock and got this abstract image of the seeds

I used an olloclip that fixes onto a phone and got right into the dandelion clock to get an abstract image of the seed.

I took this image with a ipod using a magnifying macro lense attachment and was pleasantly surprised with the result

I used an olloclip attachment on my phone to capture the close up image of this flower

my daughter actually gifted me these rose for Mothers Day and the hearts were printed in red on the outer petals these image is an unusual angle to take a floral pic but I wanted to make it a little different so I phototgraphed it using black and white with the red option added.

I came across this adorable little cygnet on the river that was sparkling and love its scruffy little character.

I found this young swan who was on the cusp of being a fully developed mute white swan and found the colour of his/her feathers to be very attractive and I feel this image has captured the beauty of this swan.

I spotted this web in our local park a few years ago and came across it when i was looking through my files

I took this Tree in a very heavy snow storm with my olympus tough and am very pleased that it has captured the snow beautifully

I Liked the shapes of the two glasses and the yellow against the slight yellowing of the sun going down in the background i emphasized the yellow by using a one colour application on my camera

Patricia Belson

Covid has changed our lives over the last couple of years and for myself having to isolate totally removing myself from going out and exploring my surroundings I have spent time looking at abstract and macro images which I have found in my garden and as a result I find myself looking at more wild life and natural objects, and have discovered all over again the beauty that is found there.

I am still  very interested in objects that create an abstract pattern of shape and colour, and love finding the obscure. I have rediscovered the use of photoshop and discovered the use of light room which until recently had never really bothered to explore  I have always been particulary interested in water and reflections and very grateful to be able to go out and explore the area around me and look forward to be able to trave further afield.

I enjoy experimenting with photoshop and light room, I love digital cameras and some of the effects possible within the camera itself, in particular the black and white option with the selective colour option, and I love the instant access possible so much easier to see results of the image being shot.

I like to experiment with using different media as a base for an image such as drawing and painting and scanned objects.



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