Nikki Goldup

The back of a woman walking down the road in New York with a bag of groceries.

A view across the East River in New York, looking at industrial buildings on the other side.

The back of a man walking down a street on the Lower East Side, New York

The back of a man walking past a disused cinema in Manchester UK

A mirror, a vase and an ornament on a shelf in front of a pink wall.

A plate with 2 slices of toast and jam resting on the artist's lap.

A digitally manipulated image of the back of a man walking down a beach on his own

A telephone exchange box with layers of graffiti tagging

A detail of a pavement with a tiled wall behind, a tile is broken, missing a V shape of tile.

A discarded painting boiler suit on the ground, left by the artist's partner.

A black and white photograph of an old wall, painted in spray paint

A black and white photograph of an old wall, painted in spray paint

A worn Billboard with layers of posters stuck on it.

Nikki Goldup

Nikki’s professional practice spans the breadth of educator, digital marketeer, visual artist and consultant.

Following her degree in 1996 (Design, Belfast School of Art, First Class), she has worked in a range of educational roles, from community & gallery education, degree and art foundation tuition, adult and secondary school education but also working with educationally excluded groups of young people. This experience, alongside her own arts practice, has provided her with a focused interest in working with individuals and groups.

Nikki has continued her studies at Cambridge University, gaining an MPhil in Arts & Culture in Education (2008). This experience has led her to specialise in developing and leading arts-based initiatives that focus on community integration by the development of social capital, empathy, making and creative thinking.

She has exhibited her art internationally, as far afield as Tel Aviv, New Zealand, and Japan, and in nationally acclaimed museums such as the V&A, both curating and managing group shows.

Her work often features a forensic investigation of the traces & artifacts left by her own and her partner’s arts practice, but also a reflection of the environment where the art was made. Nikki explores object-language & hyper-textual relationships, viewing people and spaces through an anthropological lens, opening new lines of enquiry & interpretation.


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