Nicola Parry

An abstract image of a view through the shadows of a hedgerow with a sunlit field in the background

Tree branches moving in the wind against a blue sky

An abstract view through a hedgerow of tall trees

A man tends a bonfire with a fork whilst his grandchildren observe in different states of interest

A young girl with her back to the camera stands in a dark workshop surrounded by things. She is looking out through a dirty window to a bright field.

A view of the feet of a child in wellies by a pond. She holds a large stick in the water to test the depth causing circular ripples

Nicola Parry

I am a fine art and documentary photographer.

​My work can be quite varied but generally involves people, either in a documentary context or through exploration of more abstract ideas. I am particularly interested in how we connect to our environment and to others around us whether it be physically, historically or emotionally; we are tied to each other and our shared spaces in many complex ways.

My abstract images are my most recent reflection of my personal relationship with the natural environment and my movement through it. The everchanging but somehow constant sensory aspects of colour, movement, sound and texture are incredibly restorative for me and this is something I aim to capture in my work.

My long-term documentary project captures images of a smallholding in North Essex belonging to my family and explores the connection between us and our environment. My work forms a part of my history in relation to those closest to me as well as in relation to a specific place which has a history of its own. Buildings, trees, views. New life, death, growth. Recording the things that change, the things that remain and moments in time that we share together as a family and with our natural surroundings.



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