Naomi James

Szmul was a member of the family who remained in Poland. There is no further record of him.

Bajla was amongst 5000 Jews in her town, whose photographs, taken by the Gestapo, were later found. Bajla most likely died in Auschwitz

My great-aunt corresponded with family members across the globe.

My great grandparents settled in England whilst other family members escaped to Canada, Argentina and the US.

These images were taken at the harbour in Wells, North Norfolk.

Naomi James

I am a teacher working in a South London borough.

Although a large proportion of my images are digital, I love using instant film, particularly Polaroid and much of my recent work has involved Polaroid emulsion lifts.

Themes that I have explored include a study of my great aunt’s address book. Her parents were Polish Jews who had escaped to Britain before the Holocaust. The fates of ancestors who remained in Poland were largely unrecorded but the project gave me a starting point for gaining more information and honouring their place in our family history. Nestled between the pages were fragments of my great aunt’s life-the ordinary and extraordinary side by side.

More recent themes include a study of the fishing crates at Wells Harbour using Polaroid film and emulsion lifts. Primarily, it was the repeated forms- the bleak industrial geometry that attracted me, mirroring the apartment blocks and buildings of the town.


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