Michel Petillo

This photo documentary, a portrait of Claire C., sheds a light on living with impairment and pain, and the freedom and courage to find a solution regardless of the moral and legal indictments. It sets out to document that euthanasia, contrary to suic

Michel Petillo

I am a Brussels based professional photographer. My work can be best described as being driven by close personal contact and socially and environmentally relevant themes. I concluded a master class in documentary photography with the LCC University of Arts – London and Magnum Photo in 2014, and worked as a freelance photographer for the Guardian. Besides being a photographer, I am also active as a psychologist and a member of the Belgian National Association of Professional Photographers.



2013  Faces of Brewing Ι  European Parliament

2013  Brussel Beer Project Crowed Funding Event  Ι  BBP

2015  Gone Fishing  Ι  HeadOn International Photo Festival  Ι Sidney

2015  Bruxelles Environnement  Ι Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels

2016  Forest City Project  Ι Esplanade of the European Parliament

2016  Forest City Project  Ι Square Meeûs Brussels

2016  Portr:ette  Ι  Street photography series on Etterbeek Ι  GC De Maalbeek

2017  Portr:ette  Ι  Street photography series on Etterbeek Ι  City hall of Etterbeek

2017  Forest City Project, 2nd Ed.  Ι Esplanade of the European Parliament

2017  Fine Art solo exhibition  Ι Gallerie Louis VX

2018  Forest City Project  Ι Parc Cinquantenaire in Brussels



2016  The Brussels anti-squatter, Revolve Magazine

2015  Gone fishing, Revolve Magazine, spring issue

2017  Forest City Project, Revolve Magazine, spring issue

2018  Station Island, Codex, spring issue

2018  Reality check on the Energiewende. The end of coal, Revolve Magazine, summer issue



2012  Faces of Brewing Competition 2ndPrize

2015  HeadOn International Photo Festival Associated Photographer

2018  Siena Photo Contest (SIPA) 2ndround

2018  KOLGA competition – Finalist

2018  IPA – Honorable Mention Story Telling


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