Michael Bomberger

Red roses also carry thorns.

We have ceased to savor love, and instead simply consume it.

Simple Portrait I

What does "success" mean in America now?

What do you bow to in your life?

The elegance of the human body

The elegance of shadow and light

Beauty in monochrome

What do you give to your gods?

In a world of efficiency, who longs for elegance?

Looking for truth

Michael Bomberger

Michael Bomberger is predominantly a fine art photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States.  His work is mostly in fine art monochrome nudes that have been broadly published in both Europe and America.  Bomberger also provides some work to specialized advertising campaigns, mostly for luxury goods, and writes political and social commentary.

Bomberger’s nude work is characterized by classical forms of portraying the nude in a manner that lifts the human spirit; showing the elegance and grace of the human body as it reflects the inner spirit.  His work depicts the human body as it is, with all the scars and imperfections that life brings to them.

His current work is still heavily influenced by the beginning of his photographic journey, where he discovered a love for monochrome images in the magic of the darkroom–developing color film was too expensive and difficult at the time.  His tools then–a venerable Minolta SRT 202, which he still uses today–have shaped the digital tools he uses today…modern digital cameras designed to be shot with manual settings and manual focus, with fast lenses that give the photographer broad aesthetic choices in composition.  Nearly all of his work is shot in natural light, composed in camera, and given minimal post-processing.


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