Mark Eden

Vintage American car in Havana Cuba

Lao monks at sunrise in Luang Prabang

Porter carrying basket at Bhendi Bazaar Mumbai

Sunrise at Uluru with dramatic clouds

Girl on a bycicle at a busy intersection in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

portrait of old Rajasthani man in village of Chandelao

Woman carrying supplies to work in Hoi An

Portrait of elderly Cuban woman

Woman at Vietnam street market cutting betel nut to sell

Orccha chhartris and Betwa River at dusk

Reflection of woman with phone at Centre Place in Melbourne CBD

Vietnamese woman standing in front of her traditional home in Hue

Water flow at Kuang Si Falls Luang Prabang

Children swimming in Betwa River Orchha India

Taxi at night in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo

People worshiping at Wat Phra That Doi temple Chiang Mai

Portrait of Indian man at market stall in old town of Jaipur

Taxi in Times Square New York

Portrait of girl in village of Chandelao Rajasthan

Japanese cosplay girls posing in Harijuku Tokyo

Mark Eden

Hi, I’m Mark,

I create images and words that help tell the stories of our vibrant, diverse world and its people.

I work predominately in editorial travel with a focus on lesser explored regions and new ways to understand well known places, often through the day to day experiences of the people who live there. I call them the “little stories”. For example, we’ve read about the history of the Taj Mahal, but what do we know of the grounds keeper who has been trimming the hedges and sweeping the mosque floors for the past 20 years? (his name is Aabheer if you’re interested, has 4 children and is from a small village called Rohai Khas). And what can he teach us that isn’t in the guide books? These are the questions I’m passionate about answering and the stories I love to tell.


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