Lukasz Izdebski

According to Mind, a UK charity, the number of men feeling low increased at double the rate of women over the last decade. Yet, many mental health problems go undiagnosed and fail to receive appropriate treatment. Pressure to be masculine starts at a young age, and boys are told to keep quiet about their emotions. Men often refuse to admit they are anxious or depressed, as this goes against the image of a real man - strong and in control.

Almost a third of adult men have felt anxious due to body image issues. Being surrounded by images of idealised bodies, whether that is through TV, social media or advertising, can result in serious consequences, including suicidal thoughts and self-harming. Men find it difficult to talk about their feelings and seek help, often afraid they will be perceived as vulnerable and weak. It is therefore necessary to recognise the negative impact our surroundings and experiences can have on men’s mental health.

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed is more than being stressed. Thoughts and emotions, such as anger, anxiety, or fear, can paralyse actions, often for extended periods of time. Getting out of this maze of emotions seems impossible. Trying to focus on anything else becomes difficult because of the intensity of these feelings. Often, if left unchecked, these feelings can also have a negative impact on physical health.

Lukasz Izdebski




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