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This quirky, 2 bedroom flat in Sheffield used lush greens and bamboo accents to give a natural, bohemian flair. Shot for Plum Guide

Shot for Plum Guide

Shot for Plum Guide. Detailed lifestyle shot of the second bedroom, highlighting the eclectic textures and patterns used in the decor

Working closely with the host of the accommodation as to her vision for the interior styling I created images that reflected the warm and stylish atmosphere she wished to portray. Shot for Plum Guide

I spent a couple of days shootng at this incredible eco resort/ The accomodationis gorgeously decorated and is so well designed, seemlessly flowing into the beautiful surroundings. Shot for Plum Guide

Dating from the 1470's this 13 bedroom estate was one of the most spectacular places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting

A restored barn featuring a gorgeous double-height living space, combining exposed brickwork and original beams. Shot for Plum Guide

This unique property was oozing with history and contained many connecting corridors and hidden rooms. Shot for Plum Guide

A charming victorian home with a lavish collection of antiques and original period details. Shot for Plum Guide.

One of the most incredible yet demanding properties I’ve encountered with 16 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a pool, tennis court, even a lake. Shot for Plum Guide

The striking features and bold colours of the original wall paper in the main sitting room deserved a full impact shot, while the high ceilings ensured the room still bring in the natural light. Shot for Plum Guide

The original tiled floor and murals as you entered this home were a such a unique attribute that i wanted to tease the viewer with a glimpse of them, along with giving an idea of the further treasures that this property contained inside. Shot for Plum Guide

Time of Your Life, The Clock House, Stamford, shot for Plum Guide The morning light streaming in to this chic bedroom lent itself perfectly to this lifestyle shot. Shot for Plum Guide

One of seven stunningly presented bedrooms, I loved the eye catching wall paper and the view of the grounds this particular room. Shot for Plum Guide

The owners of this lovingly restored property cleverly utilised the limited space by adding a mezzanine to accommodate another bedroom. The doors add a level of privacy and were an aspect that I wanted to include to show potential holiday makers when considering this.

The owners of the Godwick estate brought in local interior designers and mural experts when refurbishing the 19th Century stable block. This amazing mural echoed the uninterrupted views of the open park land, which I aimed to reflect in this shot.

Aiming at professionals staying in the city centre, this vibrant apartment offered a dedicated office space, this image aimed to show this feature and natural daylight it received thanks to its position next to the window. Shot for Plum Guide.

The rich colours and carefully curated greenery were two features that I wanted to showcase in this image, framing the shot and drawing the eye into the shot. Shot for Plum Guide

As the name states this building was originally used to home pigs. The now master bedroom and ensuite was the largest of the enclosures, and using bespoke storage to divide the space was designed to retain the open plan design while offering privacy.

I loved the updated use of the fireplace in the room master suite of this historic home. The property had a wonderful combination of modern style and colours, while proudly retaining the period details. Shot for The Collection by Wilson

Lauren Irving ABIPP

Lifestyle, Commercial, and Event Photographer

Photography has been a deep and constant passion of mine, ever since my college darkroom days. Having the ability to record a brief moment in time and make it a lasting memory, or a simple smile to provide a glimpse in to a whole personality, lit a fire in me that is still growing after 14 years.

My passion for capturing characters has led to work in events, portraiture, and has now blossomed into showcasing properties and interiors that themselves have unique identities.

As a proud member of the artist collective Shutterhub, I have been part of several exhibitions around Europe including the ‘Time to Think’ exhibition at Festival Pil’Ours, and the Shutter Hub OPEN exhibitions. My work as been exhibited in locations including London, Amsterdam, and France, and my fine art prints are also currently available from local retailers and my online store.

For more examples of my commissions and the areas I also specialise in please visit my website


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