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Nearly There, Yet - Nature May Heal And Give Strength To Body And Soul Alike (John Muir)

Nearly There, Yet - Nature's Peace Will Flow Into You As Sunshine Flows Into Trees (John Muir)

Nearly There, Yet - Between Every Two Pine Trees There Is A Door Leading To A New Way Of Life (John Muir)

Nearly There, Yet - The Stillness Is At Once Awful And Sublime

Nearly There, Yet - God Naver Made An Ugly Landscape

Nearly There, Yet - With Inexpressible Delight You Wade Out Into The Grassy Sun-Lake

Health Benefits

Crime & Punishment

Album Familia - Body Language

Album Familia - Back Walks Cost One Pound. Up Front.

Album Familia - She's Singing Again

Album Familia - Going Down

Album Familia - Love Them While They're Sleeping

Album Familia - Old And New Views

Album Familia - This Is What I Do Now

Album Familia - Take A Moment Every Day

Album Familia - Good To Have You Home Son

Album Familia - Keeping Up With The Rest Of The World

Album Familia - Pass In A Crowd

Album Familia - Might Not Be Anything To Worry About But It's Hardly A Good Thing

Kathryn Polley

Kathryn Polley is a photographer and educator based in the west coast of Scotland in Helensburgh.  Her personal practice is concerned with the means by which we seek to construct and experience a sense of identity, exploring the confines of family, community and geography, as well as more broadly examining the notion of belonging.

I find myself looking at the territories we create, the boundaries we set for ourselves, the connections we seek and the things we choose to represent us. 

Much of my work is focused on my own observations as I navigate the experience of being an adult adoptee coming to terms with a sense of ‘lack’ in my own identity, and an affinity for the liminal, using photography as a therapeutic tool.  Health, both mental and physical, environmental and social concerns have provided the impetus for projects that consider our impact on the world around us and how we fit into it so that work which might begin on a very personal level becomes something much more universal.

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art where she was a nominee for the school’s Newbery Medal, Polley was the first prizewinner in the 2017 Jill Todd Photographic Award for her work ‘Album Familia’.  Some of this work was published in the journal for the Scottish Society for the History of Photography.  Kathryn Polley has exhibited in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.


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