Jane Ross

Jane Ross

Jane Ross is a London-based photographer, interested in discovering and documenting the overlooked, discarded and forgotten, and exploring how photography can help us capture memory, retrieve the past, and deal with loss. An interest in how we respond to, commemorate and relate to death informs much of her photographic practice.

Brompton Cemetery – one of London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ Victorian garden cemeteries – is a place of relaxation, a haven for wildlife and an inspiration for writers and artists. Many of the graves are unmarked, decaying and their inscriptions worn away.

The experimental, multilayered photos in the series Lost and Found imagine the traces of the lives of women and girls resting there, who are described in epitaphs simply as ‘mother’, ‘wife’ , ‘sister’ or ‘daughter’.  While the lives of men are commemorated on gravestones with tales of high office, accomplishments and adventure, the lives of their female relatives remain hidden and unknown.

These photos were made during successive lockdowns in London in 2020 and 2021, during which the green spaces of Brompton Cemetery provided a solace and evoked meditation on time and past lives.


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