Jane Ross

Jane Ross


I am a London-based photographer, interested in discovering and documenting the overlooked , discarded and forgotten, and exploring how photography can help us capture memory, retrieve the past and deal with loss.

I graduated with a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communications (University of the Arts) in 2015 and although my day job in communications does involve travel and documentary photography, I spend most of my free time on personal photography projects in London and Italy, where I lived for nearly 20 years.

This short selection of black and white images is taken from a recently begun, on-going project in London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ garden cemeteries, particularly Brompton, Tower Hamlets and Abney Park.  It imagines the lost souls resting there. Who were they?  Many of the graves are unmarked, or their inscriptions worn away. Their lives are unknown but they are somehow marked here forever.  I make the images in the cemetery with found photos, letting the play of light and shadow evoke the souls and spirit of the deceased in 2018.



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